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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wings, Winning, & Labor Day Weekend Day 4

On the road and heading back north.  Sure would be nice to have a cool ride, but I don't think that is in the cards for us.  Remember when I said we drove by Canton, TX.  Well, we actually pulled off and headed down to the center of town.  Didn't take long to start seeing all the buildings, and vendors.  Man, it would take a week to actually go through all those places.  We found a concrete area to park, and paid our $5 a bike, and parked.  Right next to the local cemetery. 

It is really warm already, and it isn't even noon. We head towards some of the buildings, and we make a stop at some really good smelling food, and decide we need to eat and get some water and cool down for awhile.  You know we have to pace ourselves. Knowing that we have no room to buy much of anything, this is going to be a really hard shopping spree. 

There are so many vendors to see, it is totally amazing.  The buildings are HOT....some of the vendors have brought their fans and if you are lucky enough to stop in front of one, you don't want to leave.  Diana & I find a t-shirt place, and we both think we have to have one.  Surely we have room for a t-shirt!!!  I know you are going to find this really hard to believe, but that is ALL we bought....Please check my head, and see if I have a temperature...or are we just delirious from this heat.  LOL

We finish walking through only about 3 buildings, and feel we need to go ahead and start towards Dallas.  Back at the bikes, and our new found treasure are on the bike, we head back out.

 It is now really HOT!!!!!  As we get closer to Dallas,  I suggest to Chuck to find a Texas Stop Sign, you know...a Dairy Queen.  I try to pull one up on my phones GPS, and me and the directions didn't get along very well.  It was too hot to be messing with this, and my drivers nerves weren't in the mood for the merry go round, so we ditched that idea, and headed towards a DQ that we knew where it was at.  Being a back seat driver on a motorcycle isn't all it is cracked up to be.  Just sayin!!!

We make it to Denton and stop at the DQ....along with several other people. I didn't know we sent out the memo that we were going to stop there.  My goodness, where did all these people come from.  Guess the heat has them beat too!  Chuck & I both order a Banana Split.  I ate the whole thing...was so good!!!  Cooled off, and drank a gallon of water....can't get much better than that. 

Our next stop is the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, OK.  It is right over the border as you cross the Red River on I-40.  Looks really busy, and they have motorcycle parking right up front.  Heck of a deal.  

I had no idea how big this place is, as from the road it looks large, but when you get inside...WOW is all I can say.  We walk all the way back to the Hotel, just to see what this place is all about.  I would say most of the machines have people sitting in front of them, feeding them money.  I had decided after my losing streak, I would forgo depositing any more money into them.  Diana on the other hand, couldn't resist.  She let the one arm bandit take her money again. 

There is a line a mile long to eat at the buffet.  We walk by an El Fenix Mexican Restaurant, and we decide when we get ready to eat that is where we will be. The Casino is an amazing place, and I think it really is a hit with all the people that are here.  It has really expanded since we were in it a few years back. 

We make our way back to El Fenix, and now there is a line of people waiting for tables.  We have a 30 minute wait, so we find a comfortable seat and watch people.  There is a Michael Jackson game we have our eyes on, and looks like the people that sit down, are really winning.  Very interesting.  Our name is finally called, and we head back to eat.  The food was really good.  I remember their chips and salsa from when they were in OKC back years ago.  Where did they go???  Guess down here.  Don't think we have any in the Oklahoma City area anymore. 

As we exit the restaurant, Diana takes her voucher and puts in the Michael Jackson machine.  Well, guess what....she Loses again.  Just not in the stars for us to be on the winning side this time.  Oh well, has been fun.  By now it is about 8pm, and we get ready to head towards home.  At least we aren't dealing with the heat anymore.  It was a really nice ride back home.  So glad we made the plan to ride at night. 

We all make it home safe and sound, and had a good journey along the way.  Have some new "wingers" to ride with, and looking forward to more trips.  By the way, Diana has named their bike "Angel" if you are keeping score....we have "Snow" and now "Angel".....How bout that. 
 Wished it could have been a bit cooler, but we had fun anyway. 

We rode 1041 miles according to Snow.