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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lone Star Bike Rally 2012 (Day 1) 10-31-12

10-31-12  (Day 1)

The day starts for us at 1pm, meeting up with the first group of our progressive ride to Galveston.  Our first group consist of Diana & Chris, Tom, and Michael.  We are ready to roll on to our next stop which is Chickasha, to pick up Doreen & Allen.  The weather is very nice today.  Wind is coming out of the north, and as soon as we start heading southerly, all is good!!!  Maiden voyage for The Bigg's new trailer.  Looks really good!!! And, what has Tom ridden up on, its NOT Bob!!!

Not too far down the road on Highway 81 we run into a bit of a delay.  Seems the truck that is hauling a blade for one of the wind generators was having a time getting into his designated parking area, so we had to sit and watch them try to maneuver into his area.  It was interesting to say the least...and they finally got it off the highway, so we could get on the road again.

Allen & Doreen were waiting for us.  Michael had told Chris he didn't think one of his back lights was working on his trailer.  Chris looks it over, and sure enough, one of the bulbs was out.  Might as well get all these little repairs done is one quick swoop, and hope this is as bad as it gets.  The gas station we were at actually had a replacement bulb, so in a few short minutes, we are ready to go to the next stop in Duncan and pick up our final group of Lynn & Keith.

Where's Diana!!!!  They cut her out of pic
We get to Duncan at straight up 3pm.  What timing!!! By the time we get there, it has really warmed up.  We are all shedding some layers as we are going to ride for awhile before the next stop.  We take Hwy. 81 into Texas and onto Hwy. 287 and get to Fort Worth before we know it.  I was talking to Chuck as we rode about the highway.  Remember from the times we used to drive to see his mom,  and seems like there were a lot of rock haulers on the road.  No more got finished talking about it, and one of the trucks passes us, and starts spitting rocks.  One ends up hitting Chuck on his little finger.  Guess I shouldn't have even mentioned it.  Just glad it wasn't a broken windshield, or even worse, a broken finger.  We enter onto I-35 and traffic was really pretty light.   We survive the 5:30pm traffic like we were locals!  We stop to eat at one of my favorite places, Mercado's.  As we get off the bike, Lynn tells us she was bit by a wasp or bee.  It had flown under her shirt and got her on her side.  Glad she isn't allergic to them!!! 

The food didn't seem to be as good as it usually is to me.  Not sure what was missing.  Oh, maybe it is that we are always freezing to death by the time we get here, and today we have had a taste of Summer.  Not complaining, but it is really a totally different ride than last year at this time.

Bellies and gas tanks are full, and our next stop will be Hewitt, TX. for our first night out.  We roll in around 8pm, and get checked in.  I spied a DQ within walking distance, and convince the others to walk over and get a treat.  Heck, it is Halloween, so we all deserve a treat!!!

The DQ seemed glad to see us all walk in.  Doreen tells him we are trick or treating, and he ask her what she was dressed as.  She tells him she is dressed as a "biker bitch".  Got a good laugh out of them.  We are finishing up our ice cream, and the dude comes over and gets an ice cream treat out of the freezer and gives to Doreen for her "costume" this time, we are all full of ice cream and start back across the street to our rooms.

Doreen goes inside the motel, and comes back out and tells us she gave the girl at the desk her ice cream treat she had "won".  She said it tickled the girl!!!  Way to go Doreen....sharing is good!!

Something else to note is Diana & Chris got a Dallas Cowboy room last year at this motel, and guess what, they got it again.  I see a common occurrence here...hmmm, wonder what next year will bring, guess we will just have to see if they can do it 3 times in a row.

So, in summary, Chris's trailer needed a new bulb.  Chuck's pinkie finger got hit with a rogue rock.  Lynn got stung by a monster bee or wasp.  And last but not least, Tom lost a glove.  Not too bad for the first leg of the ride!!!

Time to hit the hay, for tomorrow we ride to Galveston  :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Something funny happened today. 10-22-12

Today our tech (Travis) from a local pest control came to the house.  He was supposed to be there at 10am, and I never heard from him, so I went ahead and left the house and took care of the errands I needed to do.  Shopping in an errand, isn't it!!!   :)

Anyway, he gets there about 12:30 and Chuck was at home so he went ahead and debugged the house.  So glad he did that, cause I really don't like little varmints running around....

So, when I get home Chuck tells me this story about he and Travis.  As it has been told to me, Travis was in the garage doing his checking around with his handy dandy flash light, and he comes to the door and gets Chuck to come out in the garage and look at a snake skin he has found.  Chuck is down on his knees, looking at the said snake skin, and Travis is manning the flash light.  Chuck says he hears Travis  scream, and he comes flying up, and I guess Travis thinks he has been had by the said snake.  Well, it wasn't a snake, but it was my sweet little nipping Blue Heeler, Belle...She has gotten excited, and since Chuck was so occupied with looking at this snake skin, Belle has come around behind Travis and nipped him on the heel...I guess it scared both of the snake wranglers to death.  :)  

I can hardly type this, cause it is hard to not LOL as I type it.  I can see it now!!!!  Chuck was laughing as he told me the story.  Poor Travis was scared to death.  I called Travis later to make sure he was OK, and he was laughing about the whole thing himself.  Chuck tells me this evening as I write this, that Travis ask if he had an extra pair of shorts....ROFL....Oh my gosh...this is so funny...

Some days you laugh, and some days you cry...I really got a good laugh out of this one...Hope you do too!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10-20-12 Ride to Red Rock Canyon

Chris & Diana were going to ride to Red Rock Canyon today as his dad & mom have taken their 5th wheel there for a few days.  They asked if we would like to go, and you know what the answer was...  Yes!!!  Since we had just gotten Ginger back from the dealership, Chuck wanted to put some miles on her to see if they had fixed her, so we are on the Harley today.

Chris's dad had told him of a good new Mexican Restaurant in Hinton, OK. so we plan to try it out for lunch.  Chris leads and we follow today, as Ginger is a little more noisy than the Goldwings, and we didn't want to drown them out with it.  The wind is blowing a lot more today, but the weather couldn't be more beautiful.  It is really nice and warm.  We were in Hinton before we knew it, and found the restaurant.  Looking from the outside you would have no idea it was a restaurant.  It is a little old beige adobe style building with the name "Bravo's" on the front.  Very discrete.  As we enter, it isn't very big at all.  Not sure our FNDR group could even fit in here.

The food was really good, and service was great too.  As we got ready to leave, we got in line to use their restrooms, and I spotted this very strange picture.  I had to take a pic of the pic, cause it was very unusual.  There were faces all over the faces, that made more faces.  I later made a comment to Chris's mom and she said she would be sure to notice it when they go back to eat there tomorrow...LOL...kinda funny isn't it...going to a restaurant to check out their art!!!

Going down!!!  

Diana had been talking that she really wasn't looking forward to going up and down the hill into Red Rock Canyon.  I told her, going down didn't bother me, but coming out of the hole usually did. She proceeds to tell me of the couple of incidents they had either going out of the canyon.  I now can see why she is so reluctant in the drive out of the canyon.

 Chris & Chuck were giving her a hard time about it.  As we started going down the twisty road, Chuck yells out...more like a scream...made me laugh really big!!!  The young kids on their skate boards sitting on the side of the road got a kick out of it too.  I think they might have thought he was yelling at them.

When we got to the bottom and into the canyon, we found where Chris's parents were parked and parked the bikes.  As we get off the bikes the teasing of Diana began.  She said Chris kept saying, "we're going to die"....and stuff like that.  Between that and Chucks banchee scream, I can't imagine why anyone would be scared...ROFL

We have a nice visit with Chris's parents, and decide it is time to head back towards home.  But, remember we have to go back up that twisty road out of this canyon.  Well, it wasn't bad at all.  We have wonderful chauffeurs, and they handle those bikes like they know what they are doing.  Back on flat ground and heading towards El Reno, cause we had talked about eating some Johnnie's pie since we didn't get to eat any last night.

Going back UP!!!

As we pull up there is a orange tricked out old hearse in the parking lot.  Of course I had to get a picture of it.  As we sat down, my question was, which one of these groups were driving the hearse...Was it the older couple in the corner, or the 3 people in the orange t-shirts.  Of course you know which one it was, but it was still funny to think about.  We ordered a piece of pie each and a glass of water.  Made us all happy I think.  Three pieces of coconut cream and one chocolate.  Yep, we finally got our pie...and it was really good too!!!

Almost forgot to take a pic before it was all gone  :)  

The ride wasn't that long, but it was a very nice relaxing afternoon.  Food & company was great as usual.

Friday, October 19, 2012

FNDR 10-19-12 Rudy's BBQ

We are going to Rudy's BBQ in Norman tonight.  The weather is perfect for riding.  Thank goodness the wind has calmed down, and we are having supposed to have some great weather the next few days.
We took what we call the back way to Norman, because the traffic on I-35 is usually at a snails crawl on Friday's.  Chris & Diana's friend, Marc, showed up with them so we had 2 bikes and 1 trike heading to Norman.  We made wonderful time and met up with most of the group right at 6:30.  Elinda & Don met us there as well.  

Our friends from Duncan, Keith, Lynn, Larry and Carla show up a little later.  We ended up having 18 people tonight.  Glad they have those really long tables at Rudy's!!!  We filled one up completely.

I have never tried their Green Chili Stew, and it was time to give it a try.  I got a small bowl, and it was really a great addition to my loaded turkey baked potato.  The food was really good.  We all finished up and then walked out to the bikes and stood and talked for awhile.  As we walk out there is a lady with her little boy taking pictures of the bikes, and Marc ask her if he would like to sit on his trike.  The little boy was delighted, and the mother got a few pics of him on it.

Everyone started to get ready to leave, and the conversation turned to pie.  Yep, we love our pies, and seems there is none to be found.  The decision to go to Braum's and get some ice cream.  We can be easily influenced to other sweet treats.  LOL  Elinda & Don headed home as well as Tom and Seda,  Alan, Doreen, Brandon and Jennifer & Steve, but the die hard dessert people were up for a ice cream run.

Looked like an invasion of a biker game, and we wanted some ice cream.  The lady behind the counter had an interesting attitude.  Lynn compared her to the "Soup Nazi" on kidding she was about like that.

Chris & Chuck find us a table just right for all of us to fit....well, we had to pull up one chair, but hey, pretty good seating, I say.  Can never go wrong with a Hot Fudge was perfect.

As we talked about the bikes etc., the conversation came up that Larry couldn't get his intercom to work on their new bike correctly.  Chuck told him he would look at it, and so we all decided it was time to head towards the bikes.  Chuck does his magic to the bike, and gets them up and hearing through their headsets in no time.  Got to give it to my husband, he knows his gadgets!!!!  I-Phones too!!!, as Diana & Lynn both got an I-Phone lesson tonight too!!!  :)

Today was Diana & Chris's 33rd wedding anniversary, and she had not said anything about it until later in the evening.  As we were riding home, I mentioned to Chuck that it was their anniversary, so we made a u-turn and went to Taco Cabana and drank a margarita.  Our Indian friend was there with his woman.  Kinda funny that we have gotten to know that there are "regulars" at our little "regular" Friday Night hang out aka Mole Nation.  ;)

Great evening and a really great turn out.  So glad we went where a group that size was not an issue.  I know there are a lot of places we could eat, but it has to be able to handle a pretty large group.  Love it when the group is that big :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Name is a name, even in Oklahoma. 10-14-12

What a beautiful day we had today.  The weather has been wet for the last few days, and I am not going to complain because we really need to moisture, but since I had a big ole Barn Sale Friday & Saturday, and it rained off and on, it would have been nice to have the sunshine for that...Oh well, that's the way it was so we just roll with it.

As far as the sale goes, it was pretty good.  Had a 20 x 30 foot barn full of decorating stuff.  Sorry guys, it wasn't a sale you would like.  It was a lot of stuff from the store, and other than the seemingly endless box of Harley Davidson t-shirts, and a gun cabinet, I think that was about all the things I can think of for you.  Just glad to get it over with, and get the house and barn back in order.

After we made the rounds to return tables to the people that I borrowed from, Diana & Chris come by around 3pm, and we are heading to Chickasha (Chick- a-shay)  to eat Mexican Food.  We take a very indirect route and enjoy the almost 80 degree weather.  I just love to ride the route we took today.  We start in El Reno and take Country Club Rd. back to the Southwest.  The rains have been kind to the fields, and things really do look a lot better than a month ago.  The yellow fields that I have been noticing are really blooming today.  The sea of yellow is beautiful.  We have decided it is either goldenrod or something that everyone is probably very allergic to like ragweed...LOL

We have a pretty brisk North wind today, and it is a little cool, so I put a sweat shirt on, and am very comfortable the rest of the ride.  It is so much fun to be able to talk with Diana & Chris via our bluetoothe sets we have.  Some of our conversations are just way too funny.  Today we started talking about the towns we go through along our route.  We get to Lookeba, and Chuck pronounces it Low-key-baaaaaaah.  Empasis on the baaahhhh..Got a good laugh from that one.

 The road to Binger had a little bit of fall colors in some of the treed areas.  Not sure how much color we will have this year, because of the heat of the summer. There was quite a bit of a red bush along the roadside.  Diana thought it was shumate.  I looked on the internet to see if I could find the plant but was not able to find it.  Got to get an up close and personal pic of it, and maybe someone can confirm this.

We wind our way through Cogar, which I told them, we always called it Co-gur, not Co-gar.  That is one little town that always lets you know you have a new weatherperson on the TV cause they can never pronounce it correctly.  We go through Minco, and then on to Chickasha.  The weather is being very cooperative and just overdoing itself today.  We stop and get some gas, and then we are on the way to eat some really good Mexican Food.

They have outdoor seating, and we decide that would be just about perfect.  It seems very cool in the restaurant itself.  Think this is a good choice.  :)  The waiter is new, and seems to be having a bit of a problem taking our orders.   When they bring out our food, Chuck is the only one that gets beans and rice with his order.  The guy that brought out our food could tell we were a little surprised at the very small plate of food...where was "our" beans and rice?!  He assures us he will take care of it, and before long, we all had our food we had ordered.  Very good, but I had pigged out on the chips and salsa, and really wasn't that hungry by the time I get my food.  

Time to get on the bikes and head back home.  Starting to cool off a bit, so we put our jackets on and point the bikes towards the north.  The wind has completely laid down, and it was really a nice ride back towards Yukon.  What a wonderful afternoon.  Got to be with our bestest friends, and ride the bikes, and eat mexican food.  Wow, don't know how to top that one.  I am sure we can come up with something, but for now this was just about perfect.  :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ginger the Harley is back at home 10-15-12

Day we bought Ginger 1-11-11
Yes, we have her back.  Not sure for how long, but she is back.  They finally got Harley to let them go into the lower end of the motor, and we are now told that our oil pump was burned up.  Not sure how the oil pump can be burned up and still pumping oil out of the breather, but that's their story and they are sticking to it. 

We haven't had a chance to get her out and ride, but according to Chuck she is still clattering like crazy. He also tells me that their is a drop or two of oil under  Sometimes, I think you just have to admit you might have gotten a lemon???  I guess that Harley's really aren't supposed to be ridden.  Just "trophy" bikes....look pretty sitting in the garage, and tell everyone..."Oh yeah, we have a Harley".  Amazing that our 2003 model "Pearl" had over 120,000 miles on her.  They just don't make things to last anymore. 

I know that some may say, well, it's just a bike, but really, if you spend way over $20,000 to own one of these beast, don't you think it should last a little while.  I say way over 20g because, if you have one or ever owned one, you know the basic bike is just a "starter kit"....They have to have chrome, pipes, and of course you have to have the apparel to go along with it.  LOL

Anyway, we will see how it goes with Miss Ginger, and I bet I have more blogs about her.  I wish we didn't love the bike so much, but she is part of the family, and we have to take care of the girl  :) 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FNDR 10-5-12 Los Vaqueros Mexican Food :)

We were having my favorite dinner tonight at Los Vaqueros in Mustang OK.  We had a smaller than usual group, but was so wonderful to see Steve & Jennifer.  They hadn't been able to make our Friday Night Dinners for a while now, and made me smile when we walked in and saw them sitting there.

The weather has turned off cool.  We decided to go ahead and ride since the sun peaked out of the clouds late in the afternoon.

The food, well, I think the food there is always good.  Service is always great...I just can't think of anything to complain about....well, it could be a little bit bigger, but heck, it works for them.

After we ate, we walked outside and stood for quite a while and talked.  Doreen couldn't seem to hold on to her food that she was taking home with her.  She had Chili Rellenos, and since there were 2 on her order, she took one home with her.  We kept teasing her that they were alive.  Chuck had told her earlier that they were rats....oh yes he did!!!!

We say our goodbyes, and Diana, Chris, Chuck and I make a stop at the Braums and have a Hot Fudge Sundae....mmmmmm good!!!!

It was a brisk ride the rest of the way home.  Can't believe we are having this COLD of weather already.  Where did fall go!!!  Our weather has really been strange the last few years.  I think the highs tomorrow aren't even going to get into the 50's.  Not ready for this...NOPE!!!! I don't like Winter...but I guess I will just have to endure.

Great evening with great friends.  :)

P.S.  Remember the "rat" comment from Chuck...well, Diana & I got a text with an attached picture on it from Doreen...Made me really LOL  :)  Thanks Doreen