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Saturday, October 20, 2012

10-20-12 Ride to Red Rock Canyon

Chris & Diana were going to ride to Red Rock Canyon today as his dad & mom have taken their 5th wheel there for a few days.  They asked if we would like to go, and you know what the answer was...  Yes!!!  Since we had just gotten Ginger back from the dealership, Chuck wanted to put some miles on her to see if they had fixed her, so we are on the Harley today.

Chris's dad had told him of a good new Mexican Restaurant in Hinton, OK. so we plan to try it out for lunch.  Chris leads and we follow today, as Ginger is a little more noisy than the Goldwings, and we didn't want to drown them out with it.  The wind is blowing a lot more today, but the weather couldn't be more beautiful.  It is really nice and warm.  We were in Hinton before we knew it, and found the restaurant.  Looking from the outside you would have no idea it was a restaurant.  It is a little old beige adobe style building with the name "Bravo's" on the front.  Very discrete.  As we enter, it isn't very big at all.  Not sure our FNDR group could even fit in here.

The food was really good, and service was great too.  As we got ready to leave, we got in line to use their restrooms, and I spotted this very strange picture.  I had to take a pic of the pic, cause it was very unusual.  There were faces all over the faces, that made more faces.  I later made a comment to Chris's mom and she said she would be sure to notice it when they go back to eat there tomorrow...LOL...kinda funny isn't it...going to a restaurant to check out their art!!!

Going down!!!  

Diana had been talking that she really wasn't looking forward to going up and down the hill into Red Rock Canyon.  I told her, going down didn't bother me, but coming out of the hole usually did. She proceeds to tell me of the couple of incidents they had either going out of the canyon.  I now can see why she is so reluctant in the drive out of the canyon.

 Chris & Chuck were giving her a hard time about it.  As we started going down the twisty road, Chuck yells out...more like a scream...made me laugh really big!!!  The young kids on their skate boards sitting on the side of the road got a kick out of it too.  I think they might have thought he was yelling at them.

When we got to the bottom and into the canyon, we found where Chris's parents were parked and parked the bikes.  As we get off the bikes the teasing of Diana began.  She said Chris kept saying, "we're going to die"....and stuff like that.  Between that and Chucks banchee scream, I can't imagine why anyone would be scared...ROFL

We have a nice visit with Chris's parents, and decide it is time to head back towards home.  But, remember we have to go back up that twisty road out of this canyon.  Well, it wasn't bad at all.  We have wonderful chauffeurs, and they handle those bikes like they know what they are doing.  Back on flat ground and heading towards El Reno, cause we had talked about eating some Johnnie's pie since we didn't get to eat any last night.

Going back UP!!!

As we pull up there is a orange tricked out old hearse in the parking lot.  Of course I had to get a picture of it.  As we sat down, my question was, which one of these groups were driving the hearse...Was it the older couple in the corner, or the 3 people in the orange t-shirts.  Of course you know which one it was, but it was still funny to think about.  We ordered a piece of pie each and a glass of water.  Made us all happy I think.  Three pieces of coconut cream and one chocolate.  Yep, we finally got our pie...and it was really good too!!!

Almost forgot to take a pic before it was all gone  :)  

The ride wasn't that long, but it was a very nice relaxing afternoon.  Food & company was great as usual.