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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Name is a name, even in Oklahoma. 10-14-12

What a beautiful day we had today.  The weather has been wet for the last few days, and I am not going to complain because we really need to moisture, but since I had a big ole Barn Sale Friday & Saturday, and it rained off and on, it would have been nice to have the sunshine for that...Oh well, that's the way it was so we just roll with it.

As far as the sale goes, it was pretty good.  Had a 20 x 30 foot barn full of decorating stuff.  Sorry guys, it wasn't a sale you would like.  It was a lot of stuff from the store, and other than the seemingly endless box of Harley Davidson t-shirts, and a gun cabinet, I think that was about all the things I can think of for you.  Just glad to get it over with, and get the house and barn back in order.

After we made the rounds to return tables to the people that I borrowed from, Diana & Chris come by around 3pm, and we are heading to Chickasha (Chick- a-shay)  to eat Mexican Food.  We take a very indirect route and enjoy the almost 80 degree weather.  I just love to ride the route we took today.  We start in El Reno and take Country Club Rd. back to the Southwest.  The rains have been kind to the fields, and things really do look a lot better than a month ago.  The yellow fields that I have been noticing are really blooming today.  The sea of yellow is beautiful.  We have decided it is either goldenrod or something that everyone is probably very allergic to like ragweed...LOL

We have a pretty brisk North wind today, and it is a little cool, so I put a sweat shirt on, and am very comfortable the rest of the ride.  It is so much fun to be able to talk with Diana & Chris via our bluetoothe sets we have.  Some of our conversations are just way too funny.  Today we started talking about the towns we go through along our route.  We get to Lookeba, and Chuck pronounces it Low-key-baaaaaaah.  Empasis on the baaahhhh..Got a good laugh from that one.

 The road to Binger had a little bit of fall colors in some of the treed areas.  Not sure how much color we will have this year, because of the heat of the summer. There was quite a bit of a red bush along the roadside.  Diana thought it was shumate.  I looked on the internet to see if I could find the plant but was not able to find it.  Got to get an up close and personal pic of it, and maybe someone can confirm this.

We wind our way through Cogar, which I told them, we always called it Co-gur, not Co-gar.  That is one little town that always lets you know you have a new weatherperson on the TV cause they can never pronounce it correctly.  We go through Minco, and then on to Chickasha.  The weather is being very cooperative and just overdoing itself today.  We stop and get some gas, and then we are on the way to eat some really good Mexican Food.

They have outdoor seating, and we decide that would be just about perfect.  It seems very cool in the restaurant itself.  Think this is a good choice.  :)  The waiter is new, and seems to be having a bit of a problem taking our orders.   When they bring out our food, Chuck is the only one that gets beans and rice with his order.  The guy that brought out our food could tell we were a little surprised at the very small plate of food...where was "our" beans and rice?!  He assures us he will take care of it, and before long, we all had our food we had ordered.  Very good, but I had pigged out on the chips and salsa, and really wasn't that hungry by the time I get my food.  

Time to get on the bikes and head back home.  Starting to cool off a bit, so we put our jackets on and point the bikes towards the north.  The wind has completely laid down, and it was really a nice ride back towards Yukon.  What a wonderful afternoon.  Got to be with our bestest friends, and ride the bikes, and eat mexican food.  Wow, don't know how to top that one.  I am sure we can come up with something, but for now this was just about perfect.  :)