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Friday, October 19, 2012

FNDR 10-19-12 Rudy's BBQ

We are going to Rudy's BBQ in Norman tonight.  The weather is perfect for riding.  Thank goodness the wind has calmed down, and we are having supposed to have some great weather the next few days.
We took what we call the back way to Norman, because the traffic on I-35 is usually at a snails crawl on Friday's.  Chris & Diana's friend, Marc, showed up with them so we had 2 bikes and 1 trike heading to Norman.  We made wonderful time and met up with most of the group right at 6:30.  Elinda & Don met us there as well.  

Our friends from Duncan, Keith, Lynn, Larry and Carla show up a little later.  We ended up having 18 people tonight.  Glad they have those really long tables at Rudy's!!!  We filled one up completely.

I have never tried their Green Chili Stew, and it was time to give it a try.  I got a small bowl, and it was really a great addition to my loaded turkey baked potato.  The food was really good.  We all finished up and then walked out to the bikes and stood and talked for awhile.  As we walk out there is a lady with her little boy taking pictures of the bikes, and Marc ask her if he would like to sit on his trike.  The little boy was delighted, and the mother got a few pics of him on it.

Everyone started to get ready to leave, and the conversation turned to pie.  Yep, we love our pies, and seems there is none to be found.  The decision to go to Braum's and get some ice cream.  We can be easily influenced to other sweet treats.  LOL  Elinda & Don headed home as well as Tom and Seda,  Alan, Doreen, Brandon and Jennifer & Steve, but the die hard dessert people were up for a ice cream run.

Looked like an invasion of a biker game, and we wanted some ice cream.  The lady behind the counter had an interesting attitude.  Lynn compared her to the "Soup Nazi" on kidding she was about like that.

Chris & Chuck find us a table just right for all of us to fit....well, we had to pull up one chair, but hey, pretty good seating, I say.  Can never go wrong with a Hot Fudge was perfect.

As we talked about the bikes etc., the conversation came up that Larry couldn't get his intercom to work on their new bike correctly.  Chuck told him he would look at it, and so we all decided it was time to head towards the bikes.  Chuck does his magic to the bike, and gets them up and hearing through their headsets in no time.  Got to give it to my husband, he knows his gadgets!!!!  I-Phones too!!!, as Diana & Lynn both got an I-Phone lesson tonight too!!!  :)

Today was Diana & Chris's 33rd wedding anniversary, and she had not said anything about it until later in the evening.  As we were riding home, I mentioned to Chuck that it was their anniversary, so we made a u-turn and went to Taco Cabana and drank a margarita.  Our Indian friend was there with his woman.  Kinda funny that we have gotten to know that there are "regulars" at our little "regular" Friday Night hang out aka Mole Nation.  ;)

Great evening and a really great turn out.  So glad we went where a group that size was not an issue.  I know there are a lot of places we could eat, but it has to be able to handle a pretty large group.  Love it when the group is that big :)