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Saturday, October 6, 2012

FNDR 10-5-12 Los Vaqueros Mexican Food :)

We were having my favorite dinner tonight at Los Vaqueros in Mustang OK.  We had a smaller than usual group, but was so wonderful to see Steve & Jennifer.  They hadn't been able to make our Friday Night Dinners for a while now, and made me smile when we walked in and saw them sitting there.

The weather has turned off cool.  We decided to go ahead and ride since the sun peaked out of the clouds late in the afternoon.

The food, well, I think the food there is always good.  Service is always great...I just can't think of anything to complain about....well, it could be a little bit bigger, but heck, it works for them.

After we ate, we walked outside and stood for quite a while and talked.  Doreen couldn't seem to hold on to her food that she was taking home with her.  She had Chili Rellenos, and since there were 2 on her order, she took one home with her.  We kept teasing her that they were alive.  Chuck had told her earlier that they were rats....oh yes he did!!!!

We say our goodbyes, and Diana, Chris, Chuck and I make a stop at the Braums and have a Hot Fudge Sundae....mmmmmm good!!!!

It was a brisk ride the rest of the way home.  Can't believe we are having this COLD of weather already.  Where did fall go!!!  Our weather has really been strange the last few years.  I think the highs tomorrow aren't even going to get into the 50's.  Not ready for this...NOPE!!!! I don't like Winter...but I guess I will just have to endure.

Great evening with great friends.  :)

P.S.  Remember the "rat" comment from Chuck...well, Diana & I got a text with an attached picture on it from Doreen...Made me really LOL  :)  Thanks Doreen