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Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/25/12. Just ridin!

We know winter is going to hit Oklahoma anytime now, and we want to enjoy as much of the great weather we are having, so we decide to ride west for a bit.   Diana & Chris are riding with us today.  We take I-40 and exit at Hinton. There is a casino there that has billboards all along the highway advertising a Rt 66 Roadhouse Restaurant that we need to try.

It is actually inside the Sugar Creek Casino, so we pull up and park the bikes.  We walk through the small but very clean casino and find the restaurant. They are having a buffet today so we opt to try it. The food was really very good. We finish with lunch and decide to walk back into the casino.

Diana & I figure we are here we might as well sign up for a players card and try our luck. The guys do the same and we all sit down in a row and proceed to spend our $10 free play. At this point I can't tell you who was winning or losing.  As for me, I was down to my last $1 and I hit $65 jackpot. Yes I did. Miss Unlucky finally got Lucky! I cashed out at that point. Not going to chance losing it. I can't speak for the others but I was a pretty happy girl.

We head back to the bikes and we get ready to take a ride back towards home. There is another casino across the street so we drive over to it to see what it looks like. Maybe next time we will check that one out. Several bikes pull into the sugar Creek Casino as we head back north.

The ride was great. The weather is really nice and just feels great to be out riding.
We ride through Roman nose State Park. Nothing exciting going on there.

As we pull into the small town of Okeene I see a very tall copper steeple looking thing in the air. I snap a couple of pictures as we zoom by. It is the St Anthony Catholic Church.  Amazing in this little town of just over 1000 there is such an impressive church.

We ride on to Hennessee and then thru Kingfisher.  Had to make a stop at the Atwood's as we drove thru Kingfisher.  I am a Atwoods-aholic.  I just love those stores.

We are getting close to losing day-light by the time we make the 3-4 junction.  We say our goodbyes to the Biggs, and get home just at dusk.  We had a great day, with at least one of us coming home a little richer than when we started out...LOL....Oh yes, I did!!!!   :)