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Friday, November 30, 2012

FNDR 11-30-12

First and foremost...Happy Birthday to my mother...She and I have both gotten older...mine was yesterday.  :)

We have had a bit of a cool spell here the day after Thanksgiving but other than a few colder days the weather has really been nice. We ride to Flat Tire Burgers in Bethany tonight. It is fairly small but we were able to push a few tables together and make room for the 11 we had tonight. I know Chuck and Tom had turkey burgers and everyone else but me, had burgers.  I had chicken nachos and they were piled high and very tasty! Everyone gave it a thumbs up.  I think the jalapeƱo buns were eaten by a few also, as they have several types of buns to choose from for your burger.   This was the first time for all of us and I think we could easily eat there again.

As we sit and finish our food, we smell something that smells really yummy. Seems the table next to us has ordered s'mores. Oh my, we will have to do that next time!

The weather was perfect or riding. Full moon ( I know it was on Thursday, but it is still very full) was awesome, and had a moon dog around it. Moisture is moving in....not rain, but just moisture in the air. Diana & Chris and Chuck & I go by "mole nation" and have our Friday night margarita. I had a birthday yesterday, and was ready to have a drink. This getting older isn't for sissy's you know. :).  As we come out of Mole Nation, the moisture I spoke about, was dew, and it had coated our seats on the bikes.   Was a chilly but really nice ride home.  Great evening!!!!

PS. We rode Ginger the Harley tonight. She has been in the shop for an oil leak that they assured us was non existence. So we thought we would put a few miles on her and check it out. Saturday Chuck took her out for a spin and he informs me that she IS leaking oil! How come we can ride a bike only 30-40 miles and it will leak but they can't find it. I really don't understand Harley techs. Chuck thinks they are just stringing us along until the warranty is up and they can wash their hands of it. We should have kept Pearl and never bought the 2011 we now have. Very disappointed in this bike! Guess we will attempt to take Miss Ginger back and see if they can find the source of the oil drip. More to come on this, I am sure.