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Friday, November 9, 2012

FNDR 11-9-12 Baluu's

Well, I am thinking that everyone was ready to eat at one of my favorite places, cause we had 18 people show up for our Friday Night Dinner Ride.

We rode because the weather was really nice. Ginger was our mode of transportation tonight.  Was fun to get back on the Harley after riding the Gold Wing for our 5 day trip to Galveston.   The wind has been howling for the past few days, but hey, we do live in Oklahoma!  We get there around 6:15 and Keven & Wendy are already there!  Was really great to see those guys.  Seems that Keven has taken a job with Walmart for some extra money, and I have to say, he had me laughing quite a bit with all his stories about being a checker at a store on the South side of Oklahoma City.

We had a full house tonight.  I kept getting text telling me that different peoples were on their way.  Mark brought his wife Donna tonight.  I am hoping she enjoyed our crazy group and will do it again soon.

The food, well, what can I say, it was a good as ever.  Mai & Kong can really make some good stuff.  We had a wonderful time with the group, and glad everyone could make it.  Elinda & Don made it also, and then it was the regulars, you know, Diana, Chris, Allen, Doreen, Brandon, Joey, and Chuck & I.  Steve and Jennifer were also able to get away for a bit.  Like I said, we had a full house.  Makes me happy when that happens.  Tom & Seda came by to see us, but didn't eat.

Great evening with great people.  Thanks to all who participated....   :)

Side note:  Got our new I-Phone 5's and have them up and running.  Really excited to get Siri, since mine was a 4 and I didn't have her on it.  Love the phone, but hey, it is an I-Phone after all, and anyone that knows me, knows I love my I-Phone!!!  Our son listed the old 4's on E-bay, and put a "buy it now" price of $260.  Within 1 minute, he had all kinds of offers, and by 3 minutes, a guy in Florida had bought them both.  Well, I guess that was pretty effortless!!!  Paid for the new ones!!!  My kind of trade!  Good deal for all the way I look at it.

Side note #2....We were out of town for Halloween this year, but I did get to see the grand babies pic for Halloween.  Just had to share!!!!!   Love em!!!

Until the next post...Later!!!!