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Friday, November 2, 2012

Lone Star Bike Rally 2012 (Day 3) 11-2-12

11-2-12  (Day 3)

View from our Patio 

Our rooms all have a view of the ocean, and a balcony.  Wonderful to wake up and open the door and see the waves first thing.  Our plans are to go to Pelican Island and check it out.  The weather is great, and as we pull out we go ahead and stop by the seawall to take some pics of us on our bikes.  Wow, did I say the weather was beautiful.  It is supposed to get in the high 80's today, and I think it is going to do every bit of it.  Pics are done, so we head towards Pelican Island.

We make a few u-turns along the way, as Chuck just can't seem to find the right road that he wants to be on.  You know we are on an island, and we are going to another little island, so there are very few if only one road to get there.  He finally finds the correct one, and we know where the fishermen come to fish, cause there are cars parked along the roadside to the little park area.  As we pull up to pay, we see the submarine and the escort ship that you can tour.  The little attendant charged us $3 per bike to park. If you wanted to tour the ships it was additional.  We have parked the bikes and are walking around and the attendant comes up on his golf cart.   He is asking who gave him $5.  Looks like Michael was the one, and the gentleman was bringing him his change.  What a nice person!!!!

We walked around and you can see the ferry going across the channel.  We will be riding it tomorrow.  The dolphins are very active this morning.  I don't know that I have ever seen so many before.  As we finish exploring the area, Allen, Doreen, Tom and Michael decide they want to tour the sub and ship, so we find a place to sit in shade and just enjoy the sea air.

Chris has been checking out a marker telling about the boat that you can see out in the harbor, that has been there a very long time.  He tells us the story about it being a concrete boat.  Yes, concrete.  It was built for World War 1, and never had any active duty, but was used as an oil tanker until it hit a jetty and ripped a hole in its hull.  Seems they tried to repair it, and failed, the tried to sell it, and that never happened either.  They then dug a channel around the boat, and laid it to rest.  Very interesting factoid if I say so myself.  So glad someone reads those monuments.  Sure can learn some interesting things. The ship was the SS Selma. 

Bird poop on our new seat! 

The tour of the ships are over, and everyone is back at the bikes.  Our seat got christened with bird poop.  LOL

We are thirsty and hungry.  It is really warming up, and it is time to find a good place to eat.  I bet we can do that!!!!  We head to The Spot on the seawall.  We had eaten there last year, and it was really good, so we will give it a try this year.  The food was as good as I had remembered it.  Chuck found a place upstairs, and it was nice and cool, and we enjoyed the lunch.  It is time for us to head to The Strand and check out what is going on there, so off we go.

We find parking a couple of blocks away, and get parked and head to the vendors.  The same vendors seem to be in the same places.  Not a lot of new stuff to see.  Guess when you go to most of the rallies, it gets a little old.  We did pick up a few of the shirts from the rally.  They had a good selection of some really cool shirts.  I don't think any of us bought anything big while we were there.  Since we are doing the Wing thing now, and have gotten our seat, looks like there isn't much here for the metric bikes.  The Harley has all the goodies already on it also, so just a lot of walking and watching people.  Some went other ways so we planned to meet at 5 at Willy G's.  Lynn, Keith, Diana, Chris and Chuck & I find a nice place to sit next to the Progressive booth.  We sat there for over an hour.  We had played their game the night before, and won a few of their prizes.  Chuck says he could use another one of their micro towels, so Lynn, Diana and I went over and played again. All 3 of us got micro towels...You can never have to many of them  LOL  We sat back down at our spot and did some more "people watching".  It was really a warm day, and was just nice to sit and drink some tea, and chill for awhile. They have estimated there were over 400,000 bikes here this weekend.  I think I stopped counting at 10  ;)

Crazy group!  

We meet up with the gang at 5, and decide we are ready to start looking for some food to eat.  Michael says there is a good Mexican food restaurant around here somewhere.  We all get on our phones and try to find the one he is talking about.  Didn't find the one he was talking about, but we ended up at one that was no longer there.  Next choice was down the street.  Apache's Mexican Restaurant doesn't look like very much, but heck, might as well give it a try.  Little did we know that the owner was the only one there working tonight.  He was the waiter, and the chef.  He was a little slow with getting stuff to us, but the food was good.  Was fun to just sit and relax and laugh.  One of the things this group does quite well...  :)

We head back towards the bikes, and go down some streets we have never walked.  Got to see several places to eat, and the local bars.  Finally make it back to the bikes, and it is time to head back to the rooms.  I can only speak for myself, but I am tired, and would like to just sit and chill.  Nice day, as the weather was wonderful, and enjoyed walking around with our friends.

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