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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lone Star Bike Rally (Day 2) 11-1-12

 11-1-12 (Day 2)

Our first stop this morning is the Harley shop in Temple.  Has to be one of my favorites, cause I think the Horny Toads they adorn their t-shirts with are wonderful.  I didn't buy another one this year, but I did get the cutest horny toad charm from there.  Several of us girl purchased one for our charm bracelets.

One of our "pit" stops!
We stop and fuel before we take off on Hwy. 190.  The weather is beautiful again, and it was a real pleasant ride.  We stop in Brenham, TX. for lunch.  I had seen a sign for Whataburger, so we made a quick stop and got refreshed with some
pretty good burgers.

Houston traffic
The traffic starts to pick up as we get closer to Houston.  Our group got to experience riding in the HOV lane.  We sure made some good time while in it.  I was always under the understanding you couldn't cross over into or out of the lane as long as there were double white lines, but I guess the people of Houston didn't get that memo.  We had 2 cars and one bike pull into the lane.  I guess like most things anymore, if it is a rule, we can break it.  Made me pay a whole lot more attention to the cars as we roared by, because you never know if they decide to get in the lane.  Amazed that there can be so much traffic at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.  Where are all these people going?  Do they work?

We make it to Galveston around 4-4:30 and get checked into our rooms.  The La Quinta has covered parking, and we unhook the trailers and pick our parking spots for the next few days.  Everyone gets settled in, and it is time to get back on the bikes and head down to the seawall and check out some vendors.

She said Yes!

We are getting ready to head out, and Allen says he has something to share with all of us.  He has asked Doreen to marry him, and she said Yes!!!!  How exciting.  There were hugs, and congratulations to the newly engaged couple.  Exciting!!!!  Guess Allen had been carrying that ring around with him since we left Oklahoma.  He said he kept checking his coat pocket to make sure it was still there.  I think he was a bundle of nerves...LOL

We make it down to the restaurant we were wanting to eat at...The Fish Tail, and the parking has changed.  We can no longer park next to the restaurant.  Well, I should say, we could park there but it cost.  Ended up finding a spot on the street behind the restaurant, and then Chuck, Chris, and Keith parked over at the seawall.

All situated, we walk around and check out the vendors that are set up on the seawall.  They used to allow this back a few years ago, but last year, they didn't.  So nice to see them allowing it again, as it is just so nice to walk and look at the beach.  The old hotel, The Flagship, has been replaced with an amusement park.   Bubba Gumps restaurant is there also.  We decide we would all like to try Bubba Gumps, and as we walk up the hill to it, we are informed that the restaurant is closed, due to a power outage.  Well we head back to the bikes, we stop at the Fish Tail, and she tells us the same thing.  In fact, the outage is down the seawall for quite a ways.  She suggest we go towards The Strand to get food.  That is exactly what we do.  We find some parking on a street about 4 blocks from the Wharf area.  We end up eating at Willy G's.  The food was absolutely wonderful, and our waitress was awesome.  She had a wonderful personality, and we got to laugh and cut up with her.  We were sitting outside this evening, and it was really nice.

After we finish eating, we head back towards the bikes and check out a few of the vendors along the way.  All of us are tired, as it has been a very full day, so it is time to head back to the rooms and get some shut eye, so we can be ready to shop the vendors tomorrow.