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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lone Star Bike Rally (Day 4) 11-3-12

11-3-12  (Day 4)

We pull out from the hotel about 9am and are heading towards the Ferry to ride it across to the other side and then back.  As we pull out, the sun is shining and the temperature is just about perfect.  I ask Chuck to find a spot along the seawall so we can stop and take some pics.  My plans include making a big heart in the sand, and writing something in the middle of it, like, She said Yes, and have Doreen and Allen next to it. 
She said Yes!!!  

As I am drawing the heart, and lady and her dog walk right through my masterpiece.  LOL...poor lady, I don't think she had any idea what she had just done.  Oh well, so dog prints are always welcomed in my masterpiece. 

It was a little hard to get the right light and angle for the "perfect" pic.  We did the best we could, and the photo op was over. 

We are back on the bikes, and heading towards the Ferry.  There is a short line and we join in and wait for our turn to board the Ferry.  As we entered we were directed to the outer edge of the boat.  Was a perfect vantage point for us to watch for dolphins.  We are on the shady side of the boat, and the ride was very pleasant.  We saw quite a few dolphins.  I wasn't able to get a pic of any of them, but the rest of the guys got some really good ones.  Our ride is over pretty quickly, and we are on the bikes and exiting the boat before we know it. 

Is that a ship we see  :) 
Washing off seagull poop!!!
The line waiting to get on the boat on this side was very long.  Guess everyone had the same idea as we did, ride over, do a u-turn and and get back on the ferry.  We do just that, and find ourselves sitting in line to get back on the boat.  Not sure how long we were there, but was probably about 20 to 30 minutes.  The sun is warming up quite nicely, and would have been wonderful if they would have had someone selling water out there.  LOL  We are back on the ferry and even are on the same side as before, but we are on the inside lane this time.  We are very close to the engines, and the noise is really annoying, so we get off the bikes and walk back to the sides and start looking for those dolphins again. 

Tom got christened by one of the many seagulls that were flying around.  Michael had a tshirt on that said, "I pooped today", but it looked like Tom needed one that said " I got pooped on today"....Michael had some water on his bike, so he and Tom cleaned his shirt....LOL...those guys!!!! 
Yes, she did!!!  
It is getting time to find a place for lunch, so we had heard from some friends that Casey's was a great place to eat, so we head back to the seawall and find the restaurant.  The sun is really beaming down, and we decide since they didn't have any shade to sit outside, we would just sit inside.  More seafood..YES!!!  I got the crab cakes and oh my, they were really good.  Once again I can only speak for myself, but I give this place a Thumbs UP!!!! And by the way, yes, the Long Island Ice Tea that our friends had said were really good there, were!!!! 

During our lunch, we had been looking at the pics we took of Doreen & Allen, and decided we wanted a do over.  We walk across the street and go back on the beach.  Drawing another heart, this time much smaller, we get the pics we are wanting.  The tide kept messing with our heart, so we kept backing up as it would erase it as the tide came in.  As we met up with Diana, Chris, Tom and Michael, as they stayed up on the seawall, they tell us a guy in an old convertible car came by and at the intersection, he threw out a wad of money.  I guess there was a really big scramble from the way the tell it, but they come up empty handed.  All the cash flew away from them due to the breeze off the ocean.  Now we all decided it had to be $100 bills, but probably was $1 but was still pretty cool!!!  Just never know what we might be involved in.  Fun stuff!!!  Next time guys, hustle!!!!  :)

At this point in the afternoon, we decide to go back to the hotel and take it easy.  Some of us went down to the pool, and sat and watched the clouds start building.  We have some rain in the forecast for today, and by the looks of the clouds, I think they are correct. 

Meeting up with everyone at 6pm to decide what to do for dinner, we do some splitting up, as Doreen and Allen wanted to go back to the vendors on the seawall and pick up a t-shirt.  We start to walk towards a little place to eat just down from the hotel.  As we get there, there are no cars in front of it, and we look across the street to a well lit pier.  There is a restaurant over there.  Heck, lets try it.  I think it was called Jimmy's.....It overlooks the ocean, and there is a fishing pier downstairs.  It is open air, and was a really cool place.  So glad we happened on it.  The food wasn't quite as good as some we had, but the location was awesome.  The clouds are really building and as sunset falls, we got to see a beautiful sky.  It just was the perfect final dinner to a very nice trip. 

Allen & Doreen ended up staying down by Bubba Gump's and ate there, and also checked out the amusement park.  I guess some of the rides were really cool, as they go out over the water.  They didn't ride any, but maybe next year we will have to check them out.  :) 

Back at the rooms, we decide it is time to think about packing up and get ready for the ride back home.  This is the last night of Daylight Savings time also, we we make plans to get up and on the way fairly early.  Breakfast opens at 6am, and we will be there!!!!  Michael & Tom go back to the Strand, and do some people watching.  I think we had seen enough of the crazy people, so we sat this one out.  Good night world.