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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lone Star Bike Rally (Day 5) 11-4-12

The skies as we head out this morning 
11-4-12 (Day 5)

Breakfast at 6am, and then we are saying goodbye to Galveston.  The trip has been absolutely perfect.  The weather has been perfect.  I think everyone has had a great time.  As usual, it would have been nice to have one day to just go out on the beach and chase the waves, but it just didn't happen.  The excitement of Doreen & Allen's engagement has been a whole lot of fun for us.  Heck, we are old, and this just doesn't happen that often for this group.  We are all old married people!!!! 

The ride homeward bound was uneventful, thank god.  We had not break downs, no wrecks, nothing!!!! Just the way we like it.  I was a little cool starting out, so when we made our first stop, I change out jackets.  I was putting on stuff, and others were taking off layers.  What is wrong with this picture!!!  I wonder if I really have any blood!!!! We couldn't have a trip without a little rain, so as we got into Houston, it didn't let us down.  It didn't last long thank goodness, and we just kept riding.

Rain, rain, go away!

Not sure that some of the newbies realized, but if you need to make a stop, you just tell us and we stop.  Doreen hated to ask us to stop, but you know how it is when nature calls.  We obliged her, and make a stop.  Little did she know, we were all ready to stop!!!  Our little group of riders are well trained...if you stop, you fill up the bike with gas, and you empty your bladder....that's just the unwritten rule.  There you have it.  So see, if you need a break, just let someone know...we will make it happen, and I can guarantee you that there is a sigh of relief from one or more of the group!!!! Just sayin!! 

We make it to Dallas, and pull of to visit Strokers, and grab some lunch.  We parked outside the area, as Chuck didn't want to drive the bike back in the parking area with the trailer attached.  I think that was a great choice.  I could just see it now.....LOL....visualize us getting back there and not being able to make the turn....Oh no, not us!!! 

Strokers was not very busy, but hey, it was Sunday!!!! They had the store open, so we walk over and check it out.  Yep, nothing has changed!!!!  We sit outside and eat, and the wind is a bit cool.  We are supposed to be riding towards a cool front.  Time will tell!!! 

Back on the bike we make good time to Oklahoma.  We are losing Lynn & Keith  first, as they are going to head west on Hwy. 53 just north of Springer, OK.  We had said our goodbyes and given our hugs at the last gas stop in Denton, so we waved to them as they exited the road.  Next in line was Doreen & Allen.  They get off at Pauls Valley.  We make our final gas stop and say our goodbyes to them.  Now we are down to 4 bikes.  Tom will be next to peel off at I-240.  Michael next and then Diana & Chris.  We are a bike of 1 now.  We make it home around 4:15 and start hearing from everyone that they made it home safely.

What a wonderful trip, and an even more wonderful group of people.  We have traveled together for 5 days, and have had a time of our life.  Can't wait to book our rooms for next year!!!  One of my most favorite places to go!!!!  Thanks to Allen for allowing us to share he and Doreen's important life changing moment!!!!  You did good!!!  Thanks to everyone else for going with us, and I hope you can say you had a great time!!!!  You are all wonderful people. 

Good food, good times, and good people. 

Mileage: 1216 according to Snow  :)