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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We traveled to Norman to celebrate Christmas Eve with the kids and grand kids.  We picked up Mother and Louie and got there around 4:30 and had some dinner with them.  Cooper is so excited to open presents, she wasn't really interested in eating.  Imagine that!!!

We have a wonderful time with the kids.  Totally made trash out of all the beautifully wrapped presents.    So fun to watch the kids dig into the packages and open them in seconds, and be ready to open some more.  Cooper was able to spot the tags that had her name on them.  Man, she is growing up!  What a wonderful two grand kids we have.  I know, most grandparents say that same thing, but these kids are really very well behaved, and are such fun to be with.

Cash was getting into the Christmas spirit as well.  He got a hot wheels, and we bought him a helmet, and it was so funny to watch him try to get that helmet on.  He knew he was supposed to wear it, just was a little big for him.  :)

The guys were getting into the Christmas Spirit as well, and I really mean Christmas Spirits!!!  Louie got a couple of bottles of wine, and seems they wanted to try it out.   A cork screw was no where to be found, and the neighbors weren't home, so our own McGuiver (Chuck) got his trusty 3/8" ratchet drive extension and beat the cork down into the wine.  Oh Yes He Did!!!!  Cork in the bottom of the bottle, yep, that's the way you do it.  Makes them even another reason to drink the whole bottle...not a drop left.  Boys will be boys you know.  :)

We fed the rain deer their food, so looks like Rudolph and his helpers will have plenty to eat.  The kids are worn out, so we start back home around 8.

Mother & Louie are going to spend the night with us tonight, as we are supposed to have snow tomorrow.  We didn't want them to spend Christmas Day alone, so the Bed & Breakfast of ChukaDi Acre is up and running.  :)

The snow is supposed to be here around 3am, so I wake up about 4am, and peak outside.  Looks like we have had a little bit of freezing rain, but didn't see any snow.  All we have heard about is this storm that is coming.  By the time we are up around 7:30 it still doesn't look like we have had any snow.  All the TV stations are covering this "event" like it is an "event"....but it actually has made a shift and has traveled a little more southwest.  It is very cold and windy, but we just got a dusting of snow.  Oh well, just glad we are all safe and warm.  It was fun cooking with my mom today.  We made chili and corn bread for lunch, and I didn't hear anyone complain about it!!!
Day after the snow storm  :) 

It was time to take mother and Louie back home.  Chuck gets out the truck and warms it up.  It is just really bitterly cold.  The roads weren't too bad.  The moisture I spoke about has left a fine glaze of ice on the roads, and of course you see the people that think they are the experts at driving on it.  You know the ones, that pull out in front of you, and spin out.  People....slow down....

Front of house after the great snow storm  :) 
Back home and the truck is back in the barn.  Christmas 2012 is coming to an end.  Hated we didn't get to see the kids today, but the roads weren't that good to get out and drive very far.  You know this is Oklahoma, and we have a lot of people that just don't need to be driving on this stuff.  Might as well be safe.

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you had a wonderful day....we did....a little different, but it was great!!!