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Sunday, January 6, 2013

First RIde 2013 (finally)

January 1st wasn't conducive to riding the bike as we usually do.  I had a cold, or something, and didn't feel very good, and the weather really wasn't very nice.  So to say the least, it didn't really hurt my feelings not to get out and ride to the State Capital as we have done for the past several years.  

The pictures at the Capital had to wait until Sunday, Jan. 6th.  I would love to say that we had a large turn out of fellow riders, but I didn't give anyone much time to plan.  I sent an email out this morning, and by the time all was said and done, we had one other bike going with us.  Our friends Diana & Chris were up for the ride.

They were over at the house by noon, and we took off to grab some lunch.  The sun was shining big time, and it is really a mild day.  The temperature is supposed to get to 48 today.  We ride to Bricktown, and eat at Earls BBQ.  Had one of the best waitress you could ask for.  She liked us as well.  Told us she works every weekend, and to come back and see her.  She liked us!!!  Food was great too!

Chris had a wreck this week, and is looking for a truck.  He was in contact with a guy and after we finish our photo op, we are going to ride to Tuttle and check out the truck he has for sale.

Didn't take very long to take pics, since there was only 2 bikes....LOL...Tripod was easily set up and we snapped a few pics, and we were done.  That's the way it works.  We go, we get the pic and we are on our way.

Diana & Chris 
Since we had a little time to kill, I suggest we go to Starbucks and drink some coffee, and chill for awhile.  The ride to Starbucks was nice.  The temperature is wonderful for January.

 Time to head to Tuttle to see a man about a truck.
 Ends up Chuck and I know the people that are selling it.  Had sold them a couple of houses of blinds in the past.  Man, you have to be nice, cause you never know who might know you  :)

Chuck & I 

We end our day  around 5pm, and it was about the perfect time to get back home.  The sun is starting to set, and it is getting cooler.  Enjoyed the day.  Nothing like getting out and taking a spin to begin the year off right, even if it is a few day late.   Happy New Year!