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Sunday, February 10, 2013

CA Run 2-10-13

The annual Candy Ass Run was a big success this year.  The reason it was a big success is the weather was beautiful.  I am telling this story second hand, because, I didn't go!!!  Oh no!!! 
There was no reason to not attend, other than about a thousand reasons...LOL.

First and foremost, my side kick, Diana was in Florida visiting her sister that is having to deal with chemotherapy.  Second...I just didn't want to go!  There, I said it.
So, from here on, this is just hear say!!! From my husband....LOL  ps...he didn't take any pics, and I found these on the CA site!!! 

Chuck met up with Chris at the Braums in Yukon at 9:30.  The plan is to meet up with the other riders around 10am.  I have to say the weather is just about perfect.  Still a bit cool but, was going to be a picture perfect day. 

Guess they all met up and took off on the poker run.  Allen, Doreen, Tom, a friend of Allen's, Chris and Chuck made up their little group of riders.  Seems like they saw about everyone we knew that road a bike. I am here to tell you, the weather was "perfect".   Will be a great money maker for the Oklahoma City HOG Chapter! 

They made all their stops, and I guess the only interesting thing that happened along the way was the guy that Allen had brought with, almost ran out of gas.  Not to sure how a person does that as the poker stops are at gas stations.  Just sayin!!! 

Their last stop is the casino in Shawnee.  Understand that they had a coupon to eat there and it was only $5.  They say the food was really good...and heck, the price was awesome. 

Looks like the group were "loser's" again this year.  I know my Chuck didn't come home with the bacon.  Sounds like they had a great day to ride, and had a fun time.

Everyone got home safely.  So glad they can ride with loads of bikes, and make it home without any incidents. 

Picture of Tom & Chuck  :) Doreen too! 

I have to add to this post, and say how very, very lucky we feel that Tom was able to make it home safely.  Seems that we get a call on Tuesday, and Norma informs Chuck that Tom has had a small stroke.  Apparently it happened as the guys left the casino.  He is doing fine and in the hospital getting checked out.  We made a trip to the hospital, and Tom says things are kinda foggy.  He says as he was leaving, he kept trying to fiddle with his throttle.  He said it just wasn't acting right.  I don't think the throttle was the issue.  So thankful that his guardian angel got him home safely.  Praying that all the meds and Dr.'s fix him up as good as new. 

I was reading a persons blog and they had this scripture and I thought it was fitting for this post.
Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

Keep Tom and Diana's sister, Debbie, in your prayers. 

We just never know what is around the corner for us...better enjoy the day!!! 

Happy Trails Ya'll