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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Casi Cielo (at least for February) 2-2&2-3-2013

I saw this new coffee at Starbucks last week.  It is called Casi Cielo, translated it means Almost Heaven. Haven't tried the coffee as I am not a real hard core coffee drinker, but,  I can sure can make it a title for the blog!!!  LOL

We had a Saturday impromptu without a doubt.  Chris & Chuck were riding from Shawnee and Diana & I are in the car, since the reason to go to Shawnee was to pick up Chris's bike.  Anyway, Chuck gives me a call to say they are going to make a stop in Midwest City to check on a job that Chris is working on.  During the conversation, Chuck says that Chris has said he wanted to ride to Durant.  Are we interested in this little adventure....of course we are.  Heck the weather is great.  We are getting some 60 degree days, and this just happens to be one of them, so why not!!!

Not sure why we didn't think of this a little earlier in the day, but that is the way it goes sometimes.  Guess that is what makes it an Impromptu!!!  By the time we get back home, packed and reservations made at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, OK., it is about 5pm.    It is about 3 to 3-1/2 hours away, so we are going to wear some of the heated gear we have to make this ride a little more comfortable.  For some strange reason, I just couldn't get myself together.  I forgot my leather legs,  so about a mile from the house, we did a u-turn and went back.  By the time we get back to the house, I realize I don't have the thermostat for my coat.  I am not a happy camper by this time.  Can't find my thermostat, can't find my heated gloves...what the heck!!!  Finally back on the bike, I don't need anything heated, cause I am hot enough at this point  :/  You know, you have been there.

Finally we are on our way, and the wind has calmed down some.  It is a nice ride.  Our first stop is in Ardmore so we an fuel up.  As luck would have it, we get the one pump that doesn't want to you see a trend here!!!  After I walk in and stand in line for what seems to be hours, finally the lady goes ahead and turns on the pump.  I didn't have the credit card in my hand, and she said to be sure and come back and pay...YOU THINK!!!!!  Don't think I have ever driven away from a gas station and not paid.  Truly if I ever did, it sure would be for the $21 of a motorcycle fill up...give me a big ole honker of a gas hog!!!  LOL...

Back on the road, and we make good time and get to the casino around 8:30.  Check in went smoothly, and the guys found really good parking spots for the bikes.  We get our stuff up to the rooms, and head down to the registration booth.  We have never been here, so we have to get a "players card".  After we get registered, we head to eat at the buffet.  The line closes at 10pm, so we just made it in time.  Food was very good, and the service was great! it's time to hit the casino floor.  We have $10 of free play burning a hole in our pockets....LOL
Diana & I have been checking the machines as we walk through.  They have a packed house tonight, so had to decide where we might want to drop this big wad of dough.

Finally light on a few machines.  I have spied one that has some bee hives on it.  I sat down and punched all the buttons to get my $10 free play going.  I spin 2 times, yes, 2, and all of a sudden my machine starts paying off.  Have no idea what is going on, cause I have never played this machine before.  By the time it finishes, I am $288 richer.  Wow, cash me out...Stick a fork in me, I am done.

Not sure if anyone knows this, but this girl is usually the "loser".  I am so excited....$288 cold hard cash....WOW!!!  Can't say much for the rest of the smiling faces on the other 3.  As we stroll and talk about my winning....I come across a machine that was calling my name.  I went over and stuck $20 in it.  It was a Year Of Happiness machine.  Well, what can I say...I am on a roll.  $184.41 later...I am happy, really Happy....Not sure if my stars are in alignment or what but I am on a roll!!!

Wish my husband and friends had been as lucky as me tonight, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  This girl is on cloud nine.  Not pushing my luck any further, I think I am going to cash out and put my wad of bills in a safe spot.  LOL


Woke up and started to get cleaned up, and guess what!!!  I have no foundation or blush....hmmm, guess I didn't pack very well yesterday.  Too busy getting heated gear, and to heck the the necessities...LOL...But, I did have eye makeup and lipstick.  My head is going to be stuck in a helmet all day anyway, so I guess it really doesn't matter...Just another one of those crazy things I did yesterday, or didn't do.

Wow, the view from our room was really nice.  We couldn't see what was out there the night before, so with the sunshine we see a whole different world.  Too bad it is winter.  There is a beautiful pool, slide, hot tub and palm trees out there.

We go down to the breakfast buffet around 9am.  It was about 10 minutes before they opened, so I thought I would see if my luck was holding on or was this just a fluke.  I think it was just a perfect alignment of the lucky star, cause it wasn't working this morning.  I spent $10 in nothing flat.
The line opened up for the buffet so we go and eat.  The food was as good as the night before.  They sure had a lot to choose from.  When finished we start wandering back towards the rooms.  I find another game that looks interesting but that $10 was gone in a heartbeat as well.  Best just leave and be very happy with the earnings from the night before.  :)

The ride home was a nice ride.  We went down some roads we had never been on.  The wind is blowing out of the east, and it is pretty overcast, so the day isn't as warm as the day before.  Still a very nice ride for the month of February.  Got to see how low the lake was at Texhoma.  We are really in need of some rain.  The wheat doesn't look very good either.  Just hope the rain gods decide to come and visit Oklahoma this year.  We sure don't need to have another dust bowl!

As we go through the town of Kingston, OK, Diana tells us a "factoid" about the town.  The town only has one traffic light, and it seems they hung the traffic light upside down as a novelty.  It was just that until a color blind man ran that said light, and hit a car and killed someone.  They asked him why he ran a red light, and he said he didn't.  They informed him that he did, and then he explained that he was color blind.  Well, you know where this story is going.  He ended up suing the City, and he was not charged with the death.  Now, I didn't check all this out completely, but this is what Miss Diana tells us.
So we take it as "fact"...LOL

As we are riding through the town of Ross, Chuck says he is going to do a u-turn and stop for pictures.

I just love the red and white paint on the old decrepit shops.    If you look in the window you can see a wild animal sitting there looking at us.

We meandered our way back home, and pulled into the house around 4pm.  Had a really nice time on this impromptu!  I am a WINNER!!!!  Thanks Chris for suggesting we go there!  Looks like we traveled about 400 miles on this little trip to Casi Cielo!