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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 12) Final Day Sunday March 17th

My Front Door  

Happy St. Patricks Day.  I failed to bring my green shirt, so we will just pretend that I have some on.  Diana is sporting a cute green shirt.  She was prepared!

Not prepared for the cold blast of air that hits us as we get out to the bikes.  This girl is going to put on her electric gloves and coat.  Might as well be nice and cozy for this ride back home.  After living out of a bike for now 10 days, I have moved my connection to attach to the bike to make my heated gear work.  Frustrated and just ready to get this show on the road, I finally find it.  I have also had a bit of an issue with my glasses.  I seem to remember that I need to take my glasses off when I have my helmet half way on my head.  Really, can't I remember this step.  No, I can' I am trying to get my glasses off as I hold the helmet, and yep, I break the hinge on my glasses.  Well $%#@.....not happy, not happy at all.  

Its 56 degrees as we drive thru a mildly heavy mist in Clarksville, AR.  That is the warmest temperature we are going to see today.  The cold front is coming from Oklahoma, and we are heading straight into it.  Mist actually doesn't last that long, and it is just cold.

 We make Shawnee, OK. around noon, and we stop at a Mexican Food restaurant to thaw out.  You know its funny when you ride, cause we always have on more clothes than anyone else in the restaurant.  Oh well, we are trying to stay warm.  We beat the Sunday Church crowd, and almost finish our food by the time the place swells with people.  Glad we beat them.  

Warmed up, its time to make the final hour of riding and get home safely.  Sure was hard to go back out there and get back on the bike, but we are almost home.  We did it!!!

 We made it.  A 3865 miles with 2 great Goldwings.  By the way, I said I would tell you if we liked the Cocona Socks we bought in Daytona.  I think we all gave them a big Thumbs UP!!!!  They might be a little warm for the summer time, but I think we will be buying more of them for our trips especially if it is going to be cold....LOL

We always enjoy riding with Chris & Diana.  The trips are memorable, and I know we will talk about them a lot in years to come.  That is one reason I blog about them.  I want to be able to remember the trip.  Can't ask for better people to ride with.  We really do have a blast.  Thanks for sharing the vacation with us!  

 Mileage 3865 glorious miles!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 11) Saturday March 16th

Diana & Chris
Weather this morning is 53 degrees and it is clear.  Time to make some miles.  We travel into Mississippi and make a stop in Tupilo to get gas.  We are just down the road from Elvis Presley's birthplace.  No, we didn't go by and check it out.  The ride was great, other than the wind blowing, but hey, we are from Oklahoma, that is what it always does.  The wheat fields ( I guess) were beautiful.  They are so green.  We pass several deliberate fires, as they are burning their fields.  Lots of farmers out working their fields.  Spring is here and it is time to get that cotton fields plowed under.

You can see the beautiful bridge from the casino

We make it to the Isle of Capri which is a casino that sits on the Mississippi side of the river.  Its actually in Lula, Mississippi.  The bridge that travels over the Mississippi river is a beautiful site from the casino.  We stop and eat at their buffet.  I am really surprised at how small the casino is.  There are actually two, one on each side, with a hotel attached to one.  The food was good, and we didn't spend much time there, as we had some miles to make.

It's 70 degrees as we cross the river into Arkansas.  We see a lot more of those green fields.  I got a picture of one field that was bright yellow.  Very pretty.

We make a Dunkin Donut stop and regroup.  We find a place to get reservations for the evening.  Russellville Arkansas will be our last stop on this trip.  We pull into the motel and the guy at the desk was very nice and was not able to get us rooms on the ground floor.  That's OK, we can climb one more time.  We get in our rooms, and turn on the air, or so we thought.  The guys get the bikes covered and Chuck says the room isn't cooling.  He calls down to the desk, and the guy explains that the rooms we have DON"T have air....What!!!!!  Its pretty warm and we sure as heck don't need heat, we need some cool air.  Chuck is on the phone with and they were really helpful.  We were able to get in another hotel across the street from this one without a big mess.  Only thing was we had to cart all this "stuff" back to the bikes and go across the street.  OK, so this has taken an hour out of our day for sure, and the guy at the desk said he understood us not being happy.  Really, have you ever tried to stay in one of those rooms without air...Not very easy unless it is COLD outside.  Now I have to say, if it was Sunday, we might not need the air, because the dreaded cold front is coming.  Would have been nice if he would have told us at check-in that we weren't going to have air.

All settled in again, we walk to Colton's Steak House, and have some really good food.  The waiter was really great as well.  None of that "I'm so sorry".  He was a delight.
Green fields everywhere!  

We really aren't that picky of people, but this trip has really tried us all a few times.  I am amazed that companies can stay in business the way they are handled.  Oh well, can't change them, but we can sure not endorse them.  Got to give a big thumbs up for their help.  They were great.

Goodnight world, tomorrow we make it back home  :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 10) Friday March 15th

Waking up and looking out our window at the little lake was a nice site this morning.  The sun was shining, and the reflections on the water were beautiful.

I suggested we go to a Cracker Barrel and eat breakfast this morning.  I didn't hear any objections to this suggestion.  As we pull in the parking lot, there is a big bus sitting there.  Thinking the worst we enter the restaurant, but looks like we timed it quite well.  They are all paying and leaving, so it looks like we hit it good.  Our waitress is a little slow getting to us, and as soon as she does show up the first words out of her mouth is "I'm so sorry".....well, Yes, she was....  We ordered, and the people that came in after us, got their food, and "I'm so sorry"said our food would be out shortly.  I overhear her talking to the people that are sitting behind us, and she is "I'm so sorry-ing" them as well.  You get the idea of this breakfast, don't you!  Our food did show up, and as we eat, there is a bit of an altercation at the table behind us.  "I'm so sorry" didn't order the lady 2 pancakes like she ordered, and "I'm so sorry" told the lady she didn't order it.  Diana said she even heard the lady order it.  The waitress said she would order them another one.  It took awhile to get our ticket so we could get out of here, but she finally made it back by. "I'm so sorry" became our coin word for the rest of the trip.  :)

Plans are to take the more scenic route today and see some of the countryside.  Some of the names of towns we ride through are very interesting.   One that caught all our eyes was TyTy, Georgia.  We pass through Sylvester Georgia, and they have a claim of being the Peanut Capital of the World.  Columbus & Birmingham were a blur in our mirrors today.  We made some great time and although it was a bit cool, the weather was dry, so we couldn't ask for better!

As we exit the highway to find a place to spend the night, there is a sign for Guin and also Gu-in.  Not sure what that was all about but again, was interesting.    Hamilton was a bit off the road, and only showed that they had 4 hotels in the town, but during a gas stop, we got on and reserved us a couple of room.  As we are checking in, the locals are streaming into the adjoining restaurant.  I ask the girl at the desk if there is anything else in town, and she tells us the story I hear all the time.  She really didn't know of anything in town but she really didn't know about the restaurant either.  Good gosh girl, get out of your hole!!!!  There is a whole world out there to explore.

Unpacked and ready to eat, we go ahead and try the restaurant
at the motel.  Dollie's Steak & Seafood Buffet to be exact.  Friday all you can eat fish.  Sounds like a yummy place to try.  Yummy it was.  The food was really good, and they even had live entertainment.  Our waiter didn't say he was "sorry" one time  :)  Now where in the world can you get all the little town of Hamilton that's where.

Food was good, bed is good, and all is good in the world.  It was a two state kind of day for us today.  Time to rest, but oh wait, Diana says there was a knock at their door right after we left.  She thought it was us coming back, but, it was someone from the restaurant.  Seems she had left her purse there.  :/   What a town, they even take care of us!!!!!  :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 9) Thursday March 14th

Today is Diana's sisters, Debi's birthday.  We are planning on meeting her in Jacksonville for lunch. 
We have just one detour along the way.  Remember the trailer we left at the Hannigan booth.  A guy has been in contact with Chris, and it looks like he want to meet Chris this morning and buy it.  Whoo-hooo....Love it when things come together. 

We get on the road about 8:30 and we are meeting the guy at 10:30.  We get to Daytona in time to cruise a few of the streets we missed the other day.  Much cooler today than yesterday, and not a lot going on as we do a quick tour of the area.

 Parking is easy today, and we get a front row spot.  The transfer of funds went well, and now Chris & Diana are back to one trailer.  The guy that bought it has a friend that lives in the area and is going to help him get it back to his home after he gets the bearing replaced. 

We get to the Jacksonville exit and looks like we are going to be right on time...but then....found out if you miss your u turn area, you have to travel a bit to go back to your original point.  Learning curve!!!  We make it there and Miss Debi is waiting on us.  We was adorned with her Albert Einstein shirt and button.  Seems she shares birthdays with him..  She said she left her tiara and wand at the office.  We had a good visit, and I am so glad we were able to meet up with her.  I only knew Debi from Facebook, so it was really nice to see her in person.  She is a very sweet and lovely person, just like her big sister Diana.  :)

Back on the road and heading to our destination tonight of Tifton Georgia.  The cold front is just a start of what we have to come.  The weather is beginning to act more like March.  :(
We make it to Tifton, and chose the motel that had an enclosed hot tub and pool.  There was a little Mexican food place just across the street so we walked over to get dinner.  The food was pretty tasty, and we enjoyed the time to warm up a bit.

Our rooms overlook a beautiful lake, with small fishing cabins littered around the banks.  It was really a beautiful picture.  The trees blocked the complete sunset, but it was really nice.

We hit the hot tub and meet a 84 yr. young lady with her grandson.  She was a sweetie, and we enjoyed talking to her.  She had just lost her husband, and they always came to Florida, so she enlisted her grandson to drive her this year.  She told us that she used to ride motorcycles as well.

I think we all needed the hot tub.  It was just nice to chill, or warm up, what ever the case may be.  Sure did make a brisk walk back to our room that is for sure.  It is quite a bit cooler than the past nights in Florida.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 8) Wednesday March 13th

Sunrise in the Keys

It's a little cool this morning as we get ready to head out.  It is cloud covered but at least the winds of yesterday have called down.  We are going to head towards Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral. This part of the trip is  important to Chuck as he lived there in the 70's.

Highway 1 is nice and scenic. As the sun makes its way out of the cloud cover, the weather couldn't be more perfect.  Now this is the riding we all like.   We see lots of water along the way.  The blue ocean is amazing. 

We make our way to Cocoa Beach.  Nothing like Chuck remembers, but you have to understand that was almost 50 yrs. ago.  Big corporations have moved in and you can't even see the beach. Rows and rows of condos and hotels. I know it has been a very long time since he was here, but it is really amazing how things really grow up. Kinda sad, because you can't see the ocean. There are turn outs that you can drive and park, but just not like riding and seeing it.

As we go north, I see the building in a distance that Chuck worked at. The giant American Flag on the side of the building sets it apart from any other. Glad we got to see a little bit of his past anyway.
I know Cape Canaveral is no longer sending off rockets into space, but I can imagine what it was like.  It time to find a place to stay tonight, so we pull into the town of Cocoa, and find a spot to rest our heads.  The guy that checks us in tells us it's happy hour in about 10 minutes, so I bet you know where we are heading.  :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 7) Tuesday March 12th

We have the continental breakfast at the condo, and then decide to get on the way.  Chris wants to stop at a store and get some sandals, so we make a stop and shop.  It is about  9:30 when we get to the shop.  We do a bit of shopping and 3 of the 4 of us came out with new shoes...and I wasn't one of them.  Just want to make sure you understand that...LOL

Back on the road, and checking out the Keys as we ride.  We are getting pretty close to the 7 mile bridge, and the traffic comes to a complete stop.  We sit there for quite a while, and the only reason the line is moving is because most of the people in front of us are turning around and heading back the way they came.  Well, you know we are on an island, and I am pretty sure that there isn't another way to get over there, so we do a u turn ourselves, and pull into a cute little hot dog stand.  It is now about 11:30 and might as well make good of the time we are we eat....Great little dog, I might add.  We had heard that there was a wreck on the bridge, and it is going to be awhile so we just sit under the umbrellas and watch the bikes and cars sit as well.  We see ambulance, fire trucks, and more ambulance go by.  One of the locals come by and tells us that a guy hit the bridge on his bike, and they med-flighted him....and someone on the other side was rubber-necking and they had an accident.  Wow, what a mess.  Seems that 2 people lost their lives this morning.  The wind is really strong, and I am not sure if that had anything to do with the biker or not, but I know when you are on the bridges, it is really whipping you around.

The line finally starts to move again.  We get back on the bikes after about a 2 hour delay, and head on down to Key West.  I really thought with all the backup of traffic we would just be a steady stream of vehicles and bikes.  Guess there are actually people that live and have jobs on this little remote part of the world.  Seems that everyone had a purpose, and they were going on about their daily duties.  Us, we are on vacation  :)  

We make it Key West.  Remember I said it was Spring Break....well, we found all the people.  The main road in (Hwy 1) is under construction, and it is pretty slow go until we make a wrong turn and have to do the ole U turn.  Wasn't bad, and we got to sight see as we turned.  One thing about it, when you have no idea where you are going, it is just another turn in the road.  :) 

Thank goodness our leader and my trusty rider of the bike knows where he is going.  So glad for Lupi our little GPS.  She gets a bit confused at times, but that's OK, we can deal with her. 

We ride down some small narrow streets that are packed with cars and people.  The quaint houses are beautiful.  Not big, but lots of gingerbread and color on them.  Just like you would think you should see on an island.  As we make our way to an area to park, the streets are absolutely swarming with people.  As we pull up to a stop sign, this gentleman ask Chuck if our bike is a Goldwing.  Chuck says yes, and the guy says "handsome".....well, little did he know, but he got that gender thing all wrong, cause this is Miss Snow!!!  LOL....

The horns I spoke about in Miami have followed us to the Keys.  Just amazing.  Funny story about the horn is, Chuck will sometimes hit the horn instead of the turn signal.  It always makes me jump and then I laugh.  So when he does it, he says...Left Turn!!!!  Diana & Chris hear his horn, and because we are blue toothed together on our intercom, we all get a good chuckle out of it.  I think Chuck fits in quite nicely with these Florida toots~!!!

We park, and first think I see if a beautiful rooster.  I had read about the chickens that lived on the island, but I had no idea.  They really do just live freely here.  They are everywhere.  There are panhandlers that are sitting around, and the chickens and roosters with their little ones, are just hanging out with them.  What a site. 

Found out there isn't a sign that says end of Hwy.1...seems they kept getting stolen, so they just don't put them up anymore.  We do so tourist shopping, and see the same ole stuff.  We did score a piece of Key Lime Pie...It was Key Lime Pie on a Stick no doubt.  It was Divine. 

Diana & I popped in a jewelry store and got a bead for our bracelets.  It is a round bead, and has a mile 0 dangling from it. Will always have fond memories of this trip. 

We stumble upon the oldest house in Key West.  We walk back and check out the grounds.  It was really pretty, and they seem to have their own resident Rooster.  He even struck a pose and allowed me to take his picture. 

Time to head back towards the parking area.  We walk to the ocean side of the shops on the way back, and there is a cruise ship docked in the area.  I am sure that is another reason there are so many people around here.  Heck, they rode a ship to the island, and we rode a motorcycle.  Think that is pretty cool. 

You know us, it is time to eat, as our little bitty hot dog from earlier today is wearing thin.  There is a Cuban restaurant right by the parking area, so we stop in and grab something to eat.  They were closing the restaurant down at 3pm for a party, and it was about 2:30 when we got there.  We ended up ordering some nachos.  Never had nachos quite like this.  The chips are more like bread.  Very, very good.   The place was called El Meson De Pepe, if you ever get down that way.  I felt like we had gone the other 90 miles and ended up in Cuba...:)

Back on the bikes with about 2 minutes to spare on our paid parking, we attempt  to find our way to the southern most point of the USA.  We pass the old Court House that is under renovations.  There is this monster tree in front lawn.  They even have a large plaque telling about it.  It was a Kapok Tree. Wikipedia (Kapok Tree)
  The most gnarly tree I have ever seen.  Very pretty, and I am sure when it has leaves, it is beautiful. 

Following the people that seem to know where they are going, we make our way to the farthest point marker.  Oh my, there is a line of people waiting to get their pictures taken.  We are very lucky and find a parking spot very close.  Off the bikes and in line to get our pics.  I took a picture for the couple that was in front of us.  Diana got the guy behind her to take our pics.  Very nice people....the ones in line anyway.   I don't understand people.  If there is a line, why do you think you are better than any of us, and just butt in and take your picture.....not nice, not nice at all  :) 

Pictures are taken and we get back on the bikes, and come across a park.  I had seen it on one of the maps I had looked at.  It is across the street from their enclosed dog park.  We stop at Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach.  Had to stop so Chris could stick his feet in the water.  The water has been rough and there is a rip tide warning in effect, so to say the least, it is quite churned up.  A sweet lady that was tending  to her dog, came over and ask if we would like a picture of the four of us.  Thought that was very nice of her.  Appreciated it very much. 

The clouds are starting to move in and the wind has actually calmed down some.  Time to stop for gas and Diana & I went in to get something to drink.  There was some really good looking chicken that had just been fried up, and we make a decision to get some chicken and take back to the condo for dinner.  The girl in line to pay, tells us that is really is good!!! That cinched it.  We were having Deon's Chicken for dinner tonight.

Was a very nice ride back to the condo.  I didn't get the sunset picture tonight because of the cloud cover, but I shot a few of the sun lowering.  The clouds blocked the sunset tonight.  Glad I was able to get some last night. 

We eat our chicken and have a few cocktails and enjoyed the rest of the evening....well, actually we ate, and had to do the dreaded packing up.  We leave in the morning, and looks like the fun on this island is almost over. 

The condo was really nice, although the pictures on the website show that you will be on the west side and get the sunset pictures.  We were not that lucky, but other than that, I don't think a person could ask for much more.  Enjoyed our home away from home for a couple of nights! 

Goodnight world....on the road again tomorrow. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 6) Monday March 11th

We are up and rolling pretty early.  Daylight savings time has really kicked in, so it seems really early....Just sayin....  We grab a quick McDonald's breakfast....well, wasn't quite that quick, cause they were pretty slow, but anyway, you get the idea.

We take a couple of turnpikes, so Diana & I have money in our pockets to pay.  The first one we only go about 3 miles and and it cost us $3.00....The next one, from Orlando to Miami cost us $32.00.  Wow, is all I could say.  LOL  I have to think it was worth it.  :)

We will make it to our condo today.  We have reservations at the Lime Tree Bay Resorts, in Layton Florida.
Experiencing Hwy 1 through Miami was quite interesting.  I don't know exactly what I thought Miami would look like, but it wasn't what I saw.  Don't get me wrong, there is an area that the cruise ships are docked, and there are multi million dollar homes on the other side, and they were very nice.  The water was blue....but you get down in the heart of the city, and oh my...and horns...people honk their horns at anything that moves.  I swear I have never heard so many tooting of horns in my life.  If they don't move, honk....and honk again.

We stop for gas at this little station, and start talking about eating.  I see a deli sign right next to this station.  So we pull over there and try it out.  Casola's Pizzeria & Sub Shop to be exact.  I am glad I am a quick study, as I saw a piece of pizza a person picked up, and it was the size of most medium pizza's. I had to try it, and sure enough, it was huge.  The food was good, and really felt we were in Little Italy. Who knows exactly where we were, and what we were doing there, but we are definitely outsiders...
Time to get on the bikes and get to the Keys.

We drive for quite a while before we see the Key Largo signs.  We make our way through Coral Gables, and and Homestead.  As we make our way to Key Largo, the scenery begins to change a bit.  Of course silly, we are on a small piece of land, we are on an island.  Traffic is pretty thick, and we pass bikes that are going to other direction.  We see lots of marsh land.

 Would love to say we saw an alligator, but I can't!!!  The wall that separate the 2 lanes of road is painted the same as the ocean.  Love the color.  Such a beautiful aqua blue.

This new app we are using on the phones let you take a picture and it will show your location and what the temperature is.  Diana posted this one and it cracked me up.  I ask her if she put the "enter the gates of hell" on it, and she said No, it was on the app already.   :)

I had no idea there were so many little "keys".  Each Key is a little township, with it's own set of people making their living, be it fishing or making it from the tourist.  Very interesting for this land locked Okie, I have to admit.

View from our patio on second floor 

The town of Layton is about in the middle of this string of Keys.  We find our condo, and get settled in.  The condo is really nice, and we have parking for the bikes on the ground floor.  Time to unpack and get to living this island life.  We hang around until sunset so we can get a few pictures of it.  It was a beautiful sunset.  :)

Our home away from home 

Its time to eat, and we have to go back about 6 miles to find a restaurant.  I pulled up a place, and guess what, it isn't open on Mondays.  There is another restaurant about  4 or 5 miles down the road.  We find it...get a table and eat.  It has really been a long an exhausting day.   The food was really good, and we sat outside and had the sea breeze at our backs.  That sea breeze was a bit cold, but we survived.  We take the now 10-12 mile ride back to the condo.  Would have been nice to have had food, but on a bike it is a little harder to do this.  Not knowing the area doesn't help either. Stick a fork in me, cause I am done.  Time to get some shut eye.  Goodnight world.  For tomorrow we head to Key West.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 5) Sunday March 10th

As if its not bad enough that we lose an hour because of leaving the central time zone, we are also losing another one due to daylight savings time.   Double whammy. 

Rip Tide has closed this beach 

Make it to Dayton, and our first stop is at the Goldwing vendors.   As we pull into the parking area, we park next to a Ural motorcycle.I follwo a blog of a lady ( Fuzzygalore ) that rides one of these bikes, and I am in love with them.  Such a cute the side car.  We shop the vendors, and buy us some Cocona socks.
The guy assures us we will love them.  Will let you know more about these as we try them out.

Chris's trailer is making a strange noise, so we grab some lunch and when the guys finish, the check out his trailer to figure out what is going on.  Well, the wheel bearing is going out.  This is not good.  Looks like we are moving on to plan "B"....

We find the Daytona Speedway where some more vendors are set up.  We actually park across the street in the mall parking lot so we don't have to drag the bikes with the trailers attached through tight areas.  Never believe what was the first vendor we walk to is the Hannigan trailer guys.  They have a white trailer there.  Chris & Diana explain to the guy that their trailer is having a problem, and they end up buying  a trailer. The guy agrees to try to sell their trailer, or bring it back to his shop after the rally, and then ship it home to them.  Oh this story sounds so like we did the exact same thing when we went to Sturgis one year.

 Chuck finds his jacket he was wanting.  Its a Tour Master.  The vendors were the typical rally vendors.  We made our way though most of them and decided we had seen enough.  Chris & Diana do the exchange on their trailer, and we find a nice shady spot for Chris to wire the trailer up.  The shade is much needed as it is a warm day in Daytona.

As Chris finishes up, Chuck takes out the inner-lining to his new jacket.  I am so glad he did, as he finds it is missing several of the snaps and bands that hold it secure.  We hop on the bike, and ride over to the vendor, and they exchange his liner with one that is complete and fits the jacket.  Sure am glad he checked that out before we left.  That would have not been a pretty sight!!!

We are on the bikes about 4 pm, and heading to the Orlando area for a room.  We find rooms in Kisssimmee, Florida.  You know it is Spring Break, and we are seeing a lot of travelers just like us.  Lots of bikes as well.  Accommodation's weren't the best that we have had, but they still weren't all that bad.  I do think it is time for this hotel to have a remodel, and new mattress.  Just my opinion!   Dinner at Red Lobster and then we hit the hay.  I know it sounds so redundant, but we are tired, and we still have a lot of riding to do.  So we must get our sleep.  :)             

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 4) Saturday March 9th

We head the bikes towards Daytona today.  At one of the stores yesterday, we all got matching shirts...They were so perfect for our trip.  Guess we all had the same idea, as we all had them on as we went down the elevator at the hotel for the last time.  :)

We have a pretty full day to ride today.  The skies are a bit overcast as we leave New Orleans.  Its fairly mild, and a good day to be on the bike.  We pass through Mississippi, Alabama and then to Florida.

We take a short but awesome detour off the interstate and go over to highway 10. The last time Chuck and I were riding this road was about about a week before the hurricane Katrina wiped the area clean.  It was interesting to see what was gone and rebuilt or being rebuilt in the area.  Diana & Chris enjoyed the scenic road as well.  

Carnival Triump

Back over to the interstate we make our way to Mobile Alabama, and we have a slow down as we get close to the George Wallace Tunnel. This tunnel takes you beneath the Mobile River to Mobile Bay.  We actually saw a cruise ship in the distance...It is docked.  I laugh and say something about it being the Carnival ship Triumph....and low and behold when we got close enough to see the name on the side, that is just what it was.  That stinky ole ship that  had left some 4200 people without food, water, or facilities.

George Wallace Tunnel 

As we exit the tunnel a train whistles as we are about to see daylight.  I know I for one about jumped out of my seat.  It was so loud!!!  Scared the crap out of me...LOL

More smoke!  

We grab a quick bite after we gas up at a Stucky's just over the Florida border.  We find rooms in Lake City as we eat lunch, so I guess that is where we are going to lay our heads to rest tonight. 

We get to Lake City, and pull into the motel.  The gentleman behind the desk was so kind.  Totally different from our experience in New Orleans.  He seemed to be glad we were here!  Our rooms were clean, and no frills, but we are just stopping to get some sleep and get back on the bikes early in the morning.  

There is a 24 hour restaurant a short walk from the motel.  We walk over and have dinner.  We are all pretty tired from our ride today, so we hit the hay, so we can be rested for the early morning ride to Daytona.  We are starting to see a lot more bikes along the way.  The motel fills up with a lot of riders as well.  Looks like we are heading in the right direction.  ;)

Set your clocks ahead one hour, cause tonight we start Daylight Savings Time...