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Friday, March 15, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 10) Friday March 15th

Waking up and looking out our window at the little lake was a nice site this morning.  The sun was shining, and the reflections on the water were beautiful.

I suggested we go to a Cracker Barrel and eat breakfast this morning.  I didn't hear any objections to this suggestion.  As we pull in the parking lot, there is a big bus sitting there.  Thinking the worst we enter the restaurant, but looks like we timed it quite well.  They are all paying and leaving, so it looks like we hit it good.  Our waitress is a little slow getting to us, and as soon as she does show up the first words out of her mouth is "I'm so sorry".....well, Yes, she was....  We ordered, and the people that came in after us, got their food, and "I'm so sorry"said our food would be out shortly.  I overhear her talking to the people that are sitting behind us, and she is "I'm so sorry-ing" them as well.  You get the idea of this breakfast, don't you!  Our food did show up, and as we eat, there is a bit of an altercation at the table behind us.  "I'm so sorry" didn't order the lady 2 pancakes like she ordered, and "I'm so sorry" told the lady she didn't order it.  Diana said she even heard the lady order it.  The waitress said she would order them another one.  It took awhile to get our ticket so we could get out of here, but she finally made it back by. "I'm so sorry" became our coin word for the rest of the trip.  :)

Plans are to take the more scenic route today and see some of the countryside.  Some of the names of towns we ride through are very interesting.   One that caught all our eyes was TyTy, Georgia.  We pass through Sylvester Georgia, and they have a claim of being the Peanut Capital of the World.  Columbus & Birmingham were a blur in our mirrors today.  We made some great time and although it was a bit cool, the weather was dry, so we couldn't ask for better!

As we exit the highway to find a place to spend the night, there is a sign for Guin and also Gu-in.  Not sure what that was all about but again, was interesting.    Hamilton was a bit off the road, and only showed that they had 4 hotels in the town, but during a gas stop, we got on and reserved us a couple of room.  As we are checking in, the locals are streaming into the adjoining restaurant.  I ask the girl at the desk if there is anything else in town, and she tells us the story I hear all the time.  She really didn't know of anything in town but she really didn't know about the restaurant either.  Good gosh girl, get out of your hole!!!!  There is a whole world out there to explore.

Unpacked and ready to eat, we go ahead and try the restaurant
at the motel.  Dollie's Steak & Seafood Buffet to be exact.  Friday all you can eat fish.  Sounds like a yummy place to try.  Yummy it was.  The food was really good, and they even had live entertainment.  Our waiter didn't say he was "sorry" one time  :)  Now where in the world can you get all the little town of Hamilton that's where.

Food was good, bed is good, and all is good in the world.  It was a two state kind of day for us today.  Time to rest, but oh wait, Diana says there was a knock at their door right after we left.  She thought it was us coming back, but, it was someone from the restaurant.  Seems she had left her purse there.  :/   What a town, they even take care of us!!!!!  :)