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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 11) Saturday March 16th

Diana & Chris
Weather this morning is 53 degrees and it is clear.  Time to make some miles.  We travel into Mississippi and make a stop in Tupilo to get gas.  We are just down the road from Elvis Presley's birthplace.  No, we didn't go by and check it out.  The ride was great, other than the wind blowing, but hey, we are from Oklahoma, that is what it always does.  The wheat fields ( I guess) were beautiful.  They are so green.  We pass several deliberate fires, as they are burning their fields.  Lots of farmers out working their fields.  Spring is here and it is time to get that cotton fields plowed under.

You can see the beautiful bridge from the casino

We make it to the Isle of Capri which is a casino that sits on the Mississippi side of the river.  Its actually in Lula, Mississippi.  The bridge that travels over the Mississippi river is a beautiful site from the casino.  We stop and eat at their buffet.  I am really surprised at how small the casino is.  There are actually two, one on each side, with a hotel attached to one.  The food was good, and we didn't spend much time there, as we had some miles to make.

It's 70 degrees as we cross the river into Arkansas.  We see a lot more of those green fields.  I got a picture of one field that was bright yellow.  Very pretty.

We make a Dunkin Donut stop and regroup.  We find a place to get reservations for the evening.  Russellville Arkansas will be our last stop on this trip.  We pull into the motel and the guy at the desk was very nice and was not able to get us rooms on the ground floor.  That's OK, we can climb one more time.  We get in our rooms, and turn on the air, or so we thought.  The guys get the bikes covered and Chuck says the room isn't cooling.  He calls down to the desk, and the guy explains that the rooms we have DON"T have air....What!!!!!  Its pretty warm and we sure as heck don't need heat, we need some cool air.  Chuck is on the phone with and they were really helpful.  We were able to get in another hotel across the street from this one without a big mess.  Only thing was we had to cart all this "stuff" back to the bikes and go across the street.  OK, so this has taken an hour out of our day for sure, and the guy at the desk said he understood us not being happy.  Really, have you ever tried to stay in one of those rooms without air...Not very easy unless it is COLD outside.  Now I have to say, if it was Sunday, we might not need the air, because the dreaded cold front is coming.  Would have been nice if he would have told us at check-in that we weren't going to have air.

All settled in again, we walk to Colton's Steak House, and have some really good food.  The waiter was really great as well.  None of that "I'm so sorry".  He was a delight.
Green fields everywhere!  

We really aren't that picky of people, but this trip has really tried us all a few times.  I am amazed that companies can stay in business the way they are handled.  Oh well, can't change them, but we can sure not endorse them.  Got to give a big thumbs up for their help.  They were great.

Goodnight world, tomorrow we make it back home  :)