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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 12) Final Day Sunday March 17th

My Front Door  

Happy St. Patricks Day.  I failed to bring my green shirt, so we will just pretend that I have some on.  Diana is sporting a cute green shirt.  She was prepared!

Not prepared for the cold blast of air that hits us as we get out to the bikes.  This girl is going to put on her electric gloves and coat.  Might as well be nice and cozy for this ride back home.  After living out of a bike for now 10 days, I have moved my connection to attach to the bike to make my heated gear work.  Frustrated and just ready to get this show on the road, I finally find it.  I have also had a bit of an issue with my glasses.  I seem to remember that I need to take my glasses off when I have my helmet half way on my head.  Really, can't I remember this step.  No, I can' I am trying to get my glasses off as I hold the helmet, and yep, I break the hinge on my glasses.  Well $%#@.....not happy, not happy at all.  

Its 56 degrees as we drive thru a mildly heavy mist in Clarksville, AR.  That is the warmest temperature we are going to see today.  The cold front is coming from Oklahoma, and we are heading straight into it.  Mist actually doesn't last that long, and it is just cold.

 We make Shawnee, OK. around noon, and we stop at a Mexican Food restaurant to thaw out.  You know its funny when you ride, cause we always have on more clothes than anyone else in the restaurant.  Oh well, we are trying to stay warm.  We beat the Sunday Church crowd, and almost finish our food by the time the place swells with people.  Glad we beat them.  

Warmed up, its time to make the final hour of riding and get home safely.  Sure was hard to go back out there and get back on the bike, but we are almost home.  We did it!!!

 We made it.  A 3865 miles with 2 great Goldwings.  By the way, I said I would tell you if we liked the Cocona Socks we bought in Daytona.  I think we all gave them a big Thumbs UP!!!!  They might be a little warm for the summer time, but I think we will be buying more of them for our trips especially if it is going to be cold....LOL

We always enjoy riding with Chris & Diana.  The trips are memorable, and I know we will talk about them a lot in years to come.  That is one reason I blog about them.  I want to be able to remember the trip.  Can't ask for better people to ride with.  We really do have a blast.  Thanks for sharing the vacation with us!  

 Mileage 3865 glorious miles!!!