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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 2) Thursday March 7th

Diana & Chris
We are up and on the bikes by 8 am.  It is a bit cool this morning, but we are supposed to have a nice sunny day to ride to New Orleans.  Gasses up a and we are ready to hit the road. 

We see a big fire ahead of us, and I was able to get a picture of the huge plume of smoke.  As we continue southerly, the grass is  getting greener on the side of the roads.   We are seeing more and more greening tree.  There are some blooming as well.  Looks like Spring is about to Spring.

When we make our gas stop we decide to find something for lunch at the next town.  I pull up some places to check on Urban Spoon, and I attempt to direct Chuck to the restaurant.  The town is Opelousas, LA.  Well, to say the least my skills at directing Chuck was not that effective.  My phone keeps telling me to turn left, and come to find out it was supposed to be right.  Traffic in this little town is pretty heavy, and my driver is getting very upset with his navigator.  We finally get to to the place I had picked, (it had a 100% like on Urban Spoon) and as we  find it, and make another u turn to get back to it, guess what, there is no place to sit down and is a drive thru type place.....well that wasn't going to work, so off we go.  Chuck has had it by now, and he says he is done with this little town.   No lie, every place we drive by was just a drive thru type.  You get the picture.  Back on the road, we drive by this restaurant that is attached to a gas station.  We go in and it looks like a place to grab some food.  I am not going to say it was the best food I had ever eaten, but I don't think I would want to eat there again.  I had red beans & rice.  Chuck had gumbo, that he says was gum-bones.  He tried to not "eat the bones".   There were so many bones in his food, it was the chicken bones, but geez.  Chris had a burger.  Diana had pasta and something.   I think Chris's choice was the best one at this stop.  There was a SubWay next to it, and I got us all a cookie.  Chuck says it was the best part of his meal!

As we are getting ready to get back on the bikes, Chuck tells me this is the place we stopped to fix our trailer when we were on our way to a HOG Rally with Randy & Toni Nance.  I thought it looked familiar.

Our trip into Metairie was non eventful, other than the traffic got heavier. We pull off and make our way back around to the area with the hotels. The area is very cool, and the cemetery of Metairie is beautiful.  It is 65 acres in size.  It was established in 1872.  According to information in Wikipedia, it is actually located in New Orleans city limits, on Metairie Road.  Always amazed at the beauty of the crypts in the cemeteries.  Just seems so strange to see everyone buried above ground.  Guess that is how it is done when you live at or below sea level.

We are in the 5 o'clock traffic, and it is really busy.  We find a station, and pull off and gas up.  While there we find a motel that is close by.  Looks like the Days Inn of Metairie will be our home for a couple of nights.

Little did we know how difficult it would be to check in.  Seems that and the hotel were having issues, and our reservation was not there.  The lady at the front desk really seems to have an attitude, and wasn't helpful at all. finally calls her, and they end up having to fax over our reservations.  The lady was not going to budge one bit.

After we get settled in we find a little place just less than a block from our room to eat at. 
Local flavor, and the lady that owns it is a real hoot.  She told us about living through the mess of Katrina, and how her place was looted.  Her business really suffered because there was no commerce in the town for quite some time as well.  Very interesting person.  So glad she has been able to continue with her business after Katrina.

I have to say that today was a little more bumpy than we usually have.  First the attempt to find lunch, and then when we finally do, it wasn't that good....then the lady at the Hotel.....but on the bright side, we made it to New Orleans, and tomorrow we get to go to go to Bourbon Street and see what kind of craziness is going on there.

Good night world.