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Friday, March 8, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 3) Friday March 8th

I have an issue with the plug for my IPhone, as it isn't compatible with my new Lifeproof cover.   We find the Apple store is only a mile from our hotel, so that is going to be our first stop of the day.  Diana needed one as well, so we make our purchases and head out for Bourbon Street.

We  get down to a public parking area, and park the bikes. There is quite a few people walking around, and we make our way around and wind through the narrow streets of New Orleans.  I was able to get a nice gentlemen to take a picture of the 4 of us.

We even happen upon a (Pre) St. Patrick's Day Parade. We find out its a (pre) parade from the girl that we take a tour via the Pedicab.  The girl tells us that they don't have to really have a reason to celebrate here.  Therefore they do a trial run on their parades.  She showed us some areas we hadn't made it to in the last trip. The shotgun houses were really interesting.  All the homes are so tightly woven into the streets.  Not a square of land was wasted.   Was a nice break for our feet and we got 45 minutes of information as well.    

Sharing a drink with a "local"  

Can't resist a moustache!

 That evening we ate at Bubba Gumps.  Was nice to chill for awhile. We walk back down to Bourbon Street and see what the freaks and drunks were up to.  Street performers were out in force.  

Earlier we saw a guy that was a transformer.  It was pretty cool but really can't imagine doing that all day and night.  I would be we strolled the street we saw his transformer garb sitting in a basket.  Guess he was taking a break. 

 Saw shiny people being statues, and a girl dresses all in white including her skin.  She just stood there.  People would get a pic with her, and put money into her tip jar.  What a life. 

Catholic Church at night
 Of course I can't imagine biking people around or even the guys that have the wagons drawn by mules being my job of choice.  Carnival atmosphere for sure. Men dressed like women, and people dressed like robots.  What a town.  We make it back to the bikes, and pay our $30 parking charge for the day. 

 We make it back to the rooms.  We did a little sight seeing along the way back, as Lupi (our GPS) didn't find the exit for us to get off to go back to the hotel.  We made a couple of loops and finally figured out the way to get back to the other side of the highway.  We are tired and ready to chill and call it a night.  Up early in the morning, as we have some miles to make. 
Goodnight world.