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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 4) Saturday March 9th

We head the bikes towards Daytona today.  At one of the stores yesterday, we all got matching shirts...They were so perfect for our trip.  Guess we all had the same idea, as we all had them on as we went down the elevator at the hotel for the last time.  :)

We have a pretty full day to ride today.  The skies are a bit overcast as we leave New Orleans.  Its fairly mild, and a good day to be on the bike.  We pass through Mississippi, Alabama and then to Florida.

We take a short but awesome detour off the interstate and go over to highway 10. The last time Chuck and I were riding this road was about about a week before the hurricane Katrina wiped the area clean.  It was interesting to see what was gone and rebuilt or being rebuilt in the area.  Diana & Chris enjoyed the scenic road as well.  

Carnival Triump

Back over to the interstate we make our way to Mobile Alabama, and we have a slow down as we get close to the George Wallace Tunnel. This tunnel takes you beneath the Mobile River to Mobile Bay.  We actually saw a cruise ship in the distance...It is docked.  I laugh and say something about it being the Carnival ship Triumph....and low and behold when we got close enough to see the name on the side, that is just what it was.  That stinky ole ship that  had left some 4200 people without food, water, or facilities.

George Wallace Tunnel 

As we exit the tunnel a train whistles as we are about to see daylight.  I know I for one about jumped out of my seat.  It was so loud!!!  Scared the crap out of me...LOL

More smoke!  

We grab a quick bite after we gas up at a Stucky's just over the Florida border.  We find rooms in Lake City as we eat lunch, so I guess that is where we are going to lay our heads to rest tonight. 

We get to Lake City, and pull into the motel.  The gentleman behind the desk was so kind.  Totally different from our experience in New Orleans.  He seemed to be glad we were here!  Our rooms were clean, and no frills, but we are just stopping to get some sleep and get back on the bikes early in the morning.  

There is a 24 hour restaurant a short walk from the motel.  We walk over and have dinner.  We are all pretty tired from our ride today, so we hit the hay, so we can be rested for the early morning ride to Daytona.  We are starting to see a lot more bikes along the way.  The motel fills up with a lot of riders as well.  Looks like we are heading in the right direction.  ;)

Set your clocks ahead one hour, cause tonight we start Daylight Savings Time...