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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 8) Wednesday March 13th

Sunrise in the Keys

It's a little cool this morning as we get ready to head out.  It is cloud covered but at least the winds of yesterday have called down.  We are going to head towards Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral. This part of the trip is  important to Chuck as he lived there in the 70's.

Highway 1 is nice and scenic. As the sun makes its way out of the cloud cover, the weather couldn't be more perfect.  Now this is the riding we all like.   We see lots of water along the way.  The blue ocean is amazing. 

We make our way to Cocoa Beach.  Nothing like Chuck remembers, but you have to understand that was almost 50 yrs. ago.  Big corporations have moved in and you can't even see the beach. Rows and rows of condos and hotels. I know it has been a very long time since he was here, but it is really amazing how things really grow up. Kinda sad, because you can't see the ocean. There are turn outs that you can drive and park, but just not like riding and seeing it.

As we go north, I see the building in a distance that Chuck worked at. The giant American Flag on the side of the building sets it apart from any other. Glad we got to see a little bit of his past anyway.
I know Cape Canaveral is no longer sending off rockets into space, but I can imagine what it was like.  It time to find a place to stay tonight, so we pull into the town of Cocoa, and find a spot to rest our heads.  The guy that checks us in tells us it's happy hour in about 10 minutes, so I bet you know where we are heading.  :) 


  1. I hope you have a nice trip! It's kind of sad that we've changed the world so much in 50 years...

  2. I expected to see I Dream Of Jeannie. Ha!Ha! it was cool to see a place that I watched about on TV all those years ago. It was a scenic ride of building and a glimpse of blue, blue water. Loved the day.
    It was a very Happy Hour!