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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let the Museum Tours begin 4-20-13

One of the Honda Dealerships, Honda of Shawnee, has put together an Oklahoma Historical Museum Tour for 2013.  We signed up a couple of months ago, primarily just to have a destination to ride when we have that "where do you want to ride" question. It seems to always come up when we are wanting to ride on the weekend and have no idea which way to head.  Hopefully this will be an interesting tour for us.  First and foremost, it is always good to read the instructions before you set out on one of these things, but as I wasn't able to find the packet,  I only have the list of museums.  Note to self, read all the instructions.  With that said, here is how the day went.

We are heading to the western part of Oklahoma.  We will cover a few towns and see some sites hopefully.  The weather, well, it is finally warming up.  The wind is blowing over 30mph, and yes we are heading west.  So we will have a side wind most of the day.  Hang on to your helmet cause you just might get "lift off".

We take I-40 to the town of Weatherford.  Since we are not getting started until after noon, we are looking for a place to eat.  Imagine that!  Lucille's in Weatherford will be our lunch stop.  But, before we eat, we make a stop at the Thomas Stafford Air & Space Museum.  This museum is not on the list, but you have a  "Museum of your Choice", so we figured this might as well be our choice.  Pictures were taken and we go back to Lucille's and eat.  The food is as good as it usually is!

Our next town is Cordell.  The ride was nice and we got to see a lot of the yellow canola fields.  You can only imagine what a sea of yellow looks like, because we have that right here in Oklahoma.  They are so vibrant!

The museum we are looking for is the Washita County Museum.  Chuck couldn't get it to come up on the GPS, and I found an address, so that is where we went.  Our pictures were taken in front of the Washita County Pioneer Farm Museum.  Remember that packet that I couldn't find....I will explain this one at the end of the post.

Back on the bikes we head to Clinton.  We have driven by the Route 66 Museum several times, and this time we stopped.  Yep, got our picture taken in front of it.

Since we had eaten not that long ago, we just waved at the Dairy Queen as we drove by.  You know there are only about 3 in the state, so it is just almost UnAmerican to not stop.....

The big town of Watonga is our next stop.  We find the TB Ferguson House without any problem.  Not sure a person could get lost in Watonga....just not that big.  One thing for sure, looking for these places takes you off the normal traveled roads.  Its an adventure!

Our last Museum stop for today is in the town of Kingfisher.  We find the Chisholm Trail Museum without any problem.  Diana says they have been to this one before.  I had no idea that there was a musuem right in the middle of a neighborhood.  Looks like they were doing some work on the front of this one.  See all the yellow tape....its not crime tape, I assure you.  :)

I  suggest we ride to El Reno and eat a steak at Gilmore's Pub.  We are about 45 minutes out, so the plan is made.  The steak and potato was excellent.  Yes, we sat out in the "outside" room that has the blue tarp over it to make a ceiling.  And yes, the wind was still howling, and beating the tarp to death.  Seems like every time we have ever stopped there, the wind is blowing like crazy.  By the time we finish our steaks, the blue tarp has calmed down quite a bit.  The wind is "finally" calming down.  The ride back to Yukon was a nice ride.

We had a great day today and enjoyed the ride even if it was a windy one.  You know we live in Oklahoma and the wind comes sweeping down the plains!

I got home and checked off our museums, and funny thing....after reading the packet, we actually missed one of the museums in Weatherford, we went to the wrong one in Clinton, and guess what, we even missed one in Kingfisher.  At least they are not too far to catch at a later date. I am now prepared to check my list before we head out again!  Learning curve I guess...You will also note, I don't have pictures of Diana & Chris on a few stops.  We were taking pictures with our I-Phones and then texting them to each other.  I guess as we switched back and forth who would take pictures, I didn't get a few of them...oops!!!  I sure hope Diana has her I said before....learning curve for me that is for sure.  :)  

Enjoyed the day with our riding buddies, Chris & Diana.  Mileage....I don't have a clue, but it was good to be out on the bike.