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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday ride with the Goldwing Chapter

We are riding to Bixby OK with the Goldwing Riders today to celebrate the Anniversary of the Bixby Chapter.  A first for us.

No show, so let's Go!!!  
Our instructions are to meet up at the Park & Ride at I-35 and 122nd and we will leave at 9:45am.  We will be riding with Chapter W.

The morning is dry at least. Weather moved out last night leaving us with overcast skies. It is a little cool but not bad at all. We meet Diana & Chris at the McDonald's in Piedmont at 8:30. We head out at 9:00. As we pull into the designated area you can see the aftermath of last nights hail storm. Shredded leaves are everywhere.
We sit there until 9:40 and make a decision. Looks like no one else is coming. Plan B is now in place. Plan B is the high tail it to Shawnee Honda and ride with their group that is leaving from the dealership at 10:45.

Traffic cooperated with us and we were in the parking lot at 10:30. We had time to take a picture for the Museum I know this isn't a museum but it is on our list. I guess since they are the sponsoring dealership they get that honor.

We stand around a couple of minutes and Susan and her husband Bill show up. Well at least we will have one other couple going. Susan is the director for the Shawnee Chapter. They are the Boomerang Chapter or Chapter B.

This is our first time to ride with their group, and I say the word group very loosely.  There were 2 Trikes and 3 bikes, and we are 2 of the bikes. 

The weather is not that bad, and the overcast skies seem to want to stick around, so we make the best of the day.  Hey, at least we are riding. 


Enjoyed the ride over to Bixby, as it was a new route for me and I love to see the towns and scenery along the way. 

We make it to the center around Noon, and there are other members buzzing around as we drive up.  Not a lot of folks on bikes...but I have to say, they are all dressed up with their Wing Stuff on.  Seems like the Wing people are all about matchy, matchy.  Don't get me wrong, it is fine...for other people.  I don't think you will see Chuck and I dressing alike, EVER!!!!  I mean, these people dress alike down to their shoes, and belt buckles....Hell, they may even wear the same undies....but I sure don't want to know about that....

We had a nice lunch, and listened to all their information about their Chapters.  We clapped at the appropriate times.  We even got up and played their "Games"....yep, games.  We bought some 50/50 tickets as we came in, and Chuck and Diana were pretty lucky.  I think they both went home with 3 gifts a piece.  Of course one of Chuck's was a $50 car wash certificate to somewhere...I say somewhere, cause it just had addresses, no city...None of the streets were places we knew, so we gave the certificate to Susan so she could re gift at their Anniversary Party that is next weekend.  Then as quickly as it started, it was over.  Time to get back on the bikes and head west. 

Our plans are to take the turnpike home.  It is time to get back to sunshine.  At least that is what we are hoping for.  The cloud cover is supposed to have already broken, and guess hasn't.  I will say, by the time we get to the I-35 junction, we actually see sunshine.  Wow, it just took all day for that to happen. 

Chuck suggest we go to On the Border and eat, so we turn the bikes to the restaurant.  None of us are that hungry, but we had a really good margarita, and they made some Guacamole Live for us, you know the one that they make at your table!    It was really good.  By the time we leave, it has warmed up quite nicely.  I wonder if we are ever really going to have Spring.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80's.  Let hope that happens. 

We had a fun day, and learned way too much about the Goldwing group.  I think we are just "too young" for them...LOL....really, I do!!!!  I can't believe that I am actually writing this and saying it out loud, but really people, it is just the way I feel about the whole thing.  The people seem very nice, but we are just a little more active (ride the bike) than these people seem to be.  To each his own, and as you very well know...this is my opinion, and mine alone.  :)