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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday 4-21-13 Museum Tour continues

We had fun yesterday finding the museums and getting pictures so we made plans to do some more today.  We will be going to north central portions of Oklahoma today.  We have the same ole wind today that we had yesterday, but at least we will be going more northerly today instead of east & west like yesterday.

We meet Diana & Chris at the Highway 3-4 junction and top off with gas.  We should be able to hit 6 of the museums today if all goes according to our plans.

Chris & Diana 

 The sun is shining, and the temperature is good, and if only the wind wasn't howling at 30 mph, all would be great in the world.  :)  The first town on our list is Yale Oklahoma.  We are looking for the Jim Thorpe Historic Home.  Wasn't that hard to find, and we got our photos taken and we we're off to Pawnee.

Chuck & I 

We planned this ride so we would be in Pawnee around lunch time.  We like to eat at Click's, so this makes the trip perfect.  We get some of our Museum tours done, and get to eat some good food.  Had to wait a little for a table, but wasn't that bad.  The food was as good as it ever is.  One thing missing was "Smiley".  I nicknamed the hostess a few trips ago.  She has no personality, and acted like she was just totally put out that we were even there to eat.  Never quite understood her, and have to say, she really doesn't have a very good personality to be in a public place.

Back on the bike and heading to Pawnee Bills Ranch & Museum.  It is on the outskirts of town.  Another picture and we are off to the next stop.

Oops....wrong Museum  :)  

Yep, wrong Museum!!!  
Ponca City is next on the list.  Chuck plugs in Marland Mansion, and we end up at what we thought was the Mansion....but wait, Chris says he thought thinks we aren't in the right place.  Thank goodness he checked, because we weren't.  We had driven to the Marland Grand House.

  So helmets back on and we find the Marland Mansion.  Another picture taken and we are back on the bike and heading to Perry.

In Perry we are looking for the Cherokee Strip Museum.  Apparently our GPS and Chris's has no idea where we are going, as we drive right by the place.  We do a little back tracking and follow the signs, and find the place.  Some of these places sure don't look like Museums, but that is what the signs say, so we believe everything we see....LOL

Our final town is Guthrie and we are getting a two-fer at this one.  We are stopping at the Guthrie Territorial Museum, and the Oklahoma State Capital Publishing Museum.

I have decided that I am out of shape, as the off and on of the bike from yesterday has left me very sore.  My neck is also, and I can tell you for sure I know it was from the 30 mph. winds we have weathered for 2 days.  It was fun going to the different towns and finding the museums that they have in their community.  I don't guess I have ever paid attention to them.   We logged roughly 300 miles today, and I can tell you that this girl is tired tonight. ( I told you I was out of shape!!! )   Great time with Diana & Chris (as usual)  :)

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  1. Had a great and breezy day today too. it is nice to have some place to go for our rides. I'm glad Diane keeps such good track of them because I wouldn't.