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Friday, May 10, 2013

FNDR 5-10-13 Gilmore's Pub, El Reno

I have to say we had a lot of people show up for this ride.  We had 14 tonight.  Lynn & Keith came from Duncan, and Carla & Larry showed up as well.  Carla & Larry had been at the Harley shop in Moore so they didn't ride with Lynn & Keith.

Our new time of 7pm seems to be working out well.  Haven't heard anyone complain.  Sure gives us all a little more time to get around.  We had a good show of bikes as well tonight.  I was able to get a picture right before we left.

Grady's boast they have the "best steak in Oklahoma", and I have to say, they are really very good.  Chuck had chicken like a good heart patient, and I saw that Norma got a burger....that was about all I saw...but I think steaks were had by most of us.  They have the jalapeno buttons on the menu that are to die for.  They are very hot, and very good.  I could probably make a meal on them, but might regret it later.  :)

We had a wonderful waitress, and come to find out, she was a hair dresser and had cut Diana's hair once upon a time.  She took very good care of us.  Their sloppy Tecates were yummy!!!

We were all starting to pay our tabs, and the cook came by and asked who had called earlier to warn them about our group.  My name was thrown out, and he thanked me for letting him know. I thought that was very nice of him to thank us for coming.  Gilmore's isn't anything swanky by any means, and if you don't mind the blue hue of the tarp that covers the "outdoor" area, you would love  to eat one of their steaks!!!  We will be back that is for sure. 

Time to get back on the bikes and head back to our homes.  Great evening with friends.