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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let's ride to Wichita Falls Texas day :) 5-18-13

So we heard that the GWRRA Texas District Conference was in Wichita Falls, Texas this weekend, so we thought we might as well go and see what a district conference looked like.  We have been to many of the HOG State Rally's, and since we have slipped over to the "other side" we might as well see what we have been missing...There just might be some "FUN" there...LOL ...if you ride a Goldwing you know about that word..."FUN"

We leave the house with our amigos at 9:30am.  Beautiful day, and already warm, and going to get a lot warmer.  There are chances of tornado's for the next 3 days, so we are going to stay "weather aware"  :)  It is in the 70's as we head out.  The humidity level is very high.  So muggy...Just the right mix for some weather to break out.

I have no idea what the copper domes are in the Geronimo area, but you could really see them well from the highway.  I thought I better take a picture of them and maybe I can do some research on it and find out what they are.  As you can see, the temperature is rising!!!  It wasn't hard to find out what they are, and here is a link so you can read about them as well  Geronimo Copper Domes

The wind is really howling from the south, and we buck it all the way to Burkburnett, Texas.  That is our first stop.  We are having lunch at The Feedlot.  Chuck and I have eaten there several times, but I don't think Diana & Chris had ever been there.  I for one was really glad to get the bottomless glass of Iced Tea.  It was really good!  The food was as good as it ever is.  Nice to sit and cool off a bit.

We get to the Conference around 1:30.  We didn't even have to pay to go into the vendors as it was after 12:00 and they don't charge.  That was pretty nice!  One of the ladies we met a few weeks ago from the Shawnee Chapter was there with her husband, and she was very nice and showed us where to check out what is going on in the building.  She leads us to the vendors  :)

There is just a handful of vendors, and we were able to actually find some stuff that we thought we needed....Imagine that!!!  Diana was trying on some shoes, and I look through and see Chuck looking at these jackets.  Oh my, not another we walk over to see what he and Chris are so interested in.  It's an Olympia jacket.  It is mesh, rain jacket, and then a heavier jacket all wrapped into one.  I just was not interested in ANOTHER jacket, but I did try it on.  I loved the way it fit, and you know, this would really be a space saver for those trips when you don't know what coat to take with you.  So guess what...we bought em...Yep....we did.....and so did Diana & Chris!!!!  I think the vendor was glad to see the four of us come in  :)

There was another vendor that had a really nice bike cover.  Chuck decided he needed one of those as well.  The guy took one of his covers out to see if it was going to work with our windshield, as it is not the stock shield.  Glad he did, as it was not going to work.  He is making one to fit the F4 plus 4 windshield that we have.  The company is new, and just getting into the Wing World.  Sounds like us, doesn't it...LOL

So, lets see...we got new jackets....we got a new motorcycle cover....Looks like it was a pretty good day for us.

Time to get ready to head back towards home as the weather is starting to pop a bit.  Pop meaning that the storms are starting to show on the radar.  The temperature in Wichita Falls is 90 something...I really think it was 99, but hated to admit it....I took a pic and used the Insta Weather app to prove it....and it was a correct reading.

We put our new jackets on, and head back north.  We get some "cheaper" gas in Burkburnett, before we get back in Oklahoma.  Believe me, it was cheaper.  We paid $3.69 for medium grade.  At home that grade is over $4.00.  Something is wrong with this picture.  The news even said that Oklahoma is one of the highest priced states right now.  Crazy!

We are back in Mustang, OK. by about 5:00 and we might as well get a bite to eat before we head in.  Mexican food at Los Vaqueros was just perfect!  It wasn't even busy.  That is pretty unusual but we are here earlier than usual too!

We make it home around 6:30, and I think it was just about perfect.  The weather that the weathermen had been promising actually showed up.  We had a big ole rain hit the house.  The wind was terrible.
That was just good planning on our see, we did stay "Weather Aware" today!

Great day even though it got hot really fast.  We had expected it, so wasn't a surprise or anything, but sure wish we could have more Spring type temperatures.  Thanks to Diana & Chris for riding down there with us.  Always good times, and laughs with them.  They are really some great friends.  "FUN"

Next week we will be heading to New Mexico and Colorado, and I know we are all going to take our new jackets on the ride, so I am sure I will be telling you if we love em or hate em.  I bet we give them a thumbs up!!!!

It was a 305 mile trip for us today.  Snow is such a good bike!  I know, I know.....I have converted...yes I have.  Great touring bike without all the "drama"  :)