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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking advantage of good weather! 5-7-13

The weather today is just about perfect.  With a little arm twisting Diana & I got the guys to get the bikes out and take us to dinner.  I had been saying I was hungry for Mutt's Amazing Hot the plan was made.  It has been one of those hectic days, and an outing on the bike was in order.

We ride to mid town Oklahoma City, and order us some Mutt's.  Diana got her usual... "The Pitbull"....Pepper jack cheese, Serrano, habanero, jalapeno & poblano peppers, onion, cilantro-lime ailoi.  It is really HOT!!!  She orders this every time we go there.  :)

Chris, Chuck & I weren't quite so adventurous.  We got "The Boardwalk".  It's got mustard, chili, cheddar-jack cheese and onion....well, Chris or I opted out of the onion.

Now that you know what we had to eat, I have to say it really was good.  It was just a quick outing, but oh how wonderful those little outings are.  I had wanted to make a detour to the Canola Fields and get pics of us on the bike, but the evening was too short.  Maybe next time.

As we headed back west, I got a really nice shot of the sunset.  Another great evening in Oklahoma.  So glad we got to spend it on the bike even if it was short lived.  :)