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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tex-New-Rado 5-22-13 Day 1


We head out at 3pm to start on the first leg of our trip to the Red River Rally in New Mexico and on into  Colorado. There is sadness in the air as our friends in Oklahoma are cleaning up from the terrible outbreak of tornadoes. As we leave the death toll is at 21 in Moore. 10 children. Such a sad day.  So thankful that the death total has actually gone down.  The reports earlier in the week were that 51 had died.  Our hearts go out to the people that have lost their loved ones and their properties. 


The sun is shining and it is in the 80's as we head out. The farther west we go the hotter it is getting. By the time we get to Amarillo it is in the 90's.
Doreen & Allen took a different route and started out earlier than us, so we are meeting them at the motel.  Our plans were to eat at our ole favorite Blue Sky, but as we drive into the motel, there is an interesting BBQ place that looks like it has our names all over it.  There is even outdoor seating. 

We get the bikes unloaded and walk over to the restaurant.  It is called Joe Daddy's.  The waitress takes very good care of us, and gets us a few cocktails as our food is being prepared. 
 As we are sitting there, this couple are on the outside of the restaurant, and she is trying to take a pic of her husband.  Chuck comments to them that we can take their pic if she wants.  I volunteer to do just that.  As I come around to take the pic, we find their accents are not from around here.  They are from England, and are touring around the USA.  Such very nice people. 

Really enjoyed talking with them.  Their names were Helen & John and they have just been married 2 weeks.  John was so kind he took a pic of our group as well.  I could have sat and talked with them for a long time.  Just a very nice couple. 
We finish up and just about close the place down.  We walk back to the motel, and say our good nights.  Tomorrow we ride to Colorado.