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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tex-New-Rado 5-26-13 Day 5

Las Vegas New Mexico

We have a nice breakfast at the motel this morning.  We talk to our new found friends from Abilene, and they say they are going to Red River today as well.  Looks like we may see them on the road.

Diana found out as we were checking out, the management had changed about a week ago.  Have to say they were very nice rooms, and the staff seemed wonderful as well.

Our friends from Abilene Texas pull out a few minutes before we do this morning. Little did we know that we would pass them as they made a gas stop on down the road. We make a gas stop and as we are finishing up I see them coming. Then we pass them again at the New Mexico sign. Such a nice bunch of people.  Made our ride a little more interesting.  

We make it to Red River from the west side at 10:20am.  I know this only because the photographer was there and you have to remember your time to see your picture. Chuck has planned for us to ride through town and go to the east end where they take the pictures and get our yearly shot of the snow capped mountain in the background. Mission accomplished and back into town we park and check out the vendors. .

As we are shopping and walking we run into our Abilene people again.  They also comment about seeing us today.  By the time we have walked around and bought a few things, we keep running into groups of the Texans.  They have had a bit of retail therapy as well.  We will be heading on to Las Vegas New Mexico, and our Texas friends will be going to Santa Rosa, so this is the last time we will see them.

Allen "pooped" today!!!  

Lunch at the regular place and then we hit the picture vendor to get our pictures.  I think we are all happy with how they turned out.  Time to finish up and get on the road to make it to Las Vegas...that's New Mexico, not Nevada...

It is a fairly warm and windy day, but hey, we have sun!!!  We get to Las Vegas, NM around 3:30 or 4.  Chuck has us staying at the Plaza Hotel in the old area of Las Vegas.  Actually got very good parking right in front of the hotel.  That was the easy part, the next few minutes are the hard ones.
We have problems as soon as we try to get our rooms.  The girl at the desk informs us she has no reservations for any of us.  WHAT!!!!!  Doreen has her printed reservations, Diana and Chuck have theirs on their phones.  The girl at the desk (her name was Precious) says she has had a glitch in the system and hasn't gotten any of the reservations from, but if we could give her 20 minutes she could get this worked out.  No problem....we walk into the bar that is in the hotel.  Doreen and Allen order a beer, and I am thinking about something as well.....The lady ask for our ID...ID.....Really!!!!  Don't we look OLD enough!!!!  Man, she wasn't budging either.  My ID is on the bike and I am not going to go get it.  I order a Coke instead....Diana says forget we sit and wait 20 minutes.

Times ups, so we all go back in and check on the room status.  The information STILL hasn't come in, but Precious assures us she will get us rooms.  She get Doreen & Allen fixed up...then Diana & Chris...It's now our turn, and guess what....we will have to go down to the second floor....well no, wait...if we are willing to wait till housekeeping changes the sheets we can have room 329.  That's fine..we will unload our stuff and put in Diana & Chris's room as it is 330.  Waiting....waiting....and then Chuck goes down to talk to Precious.  Up he comes, with a key for room 324.  Great we have a room...a very large room...with peoples stuff in it....Oh no.....Get out of the room, there are still people occupying the room.  My turn...Diana & I walk down to tell Precious.  She apologizes all over herself, and gives us keys to room 333.  I am almost scared to even open the door.  Well, I am here to tell you...WE HAVE A ROOM!!!!  No ones stuff in this one.  Now it is ours!!!  Thanks to Precious!

After all the mess, we are going to eat at the Hotel's restaurant.  It isn't a very large restaurant.  As we are seated, it looks like there is only one waitress for the whole place.  She is apologizing all over the place and assures us she will take our order.  Chris says he thinks our service is going to be bad tonight.  But wait...we have another waitress show up....She takes our drink order and Diana & I are going to try a Mexican Margarita.  Until she comes back and tells us they are out of the stuff to make it.  We overhear her talking to another couple and they are out of pasta as well...Man, I don't think these people planned for the Memorial Weekend at all.  Was really surprised that we didn't have to show our ID to even get a drink, but we didn't.  We get our food about the same time as we got the drinks we ordered.  I thought the enchiladas were good.

Dinner is over, and we are on a mission to find some ice cream.  We walk down a couple of blocks and back to the hotel without finding any ice cream.  Seems like everyone is closed.  Not a drop of ice cream to be found.  Oh well, we probably didn't need it anyway  :(

Chuck & Chris clean the windshields on the bikes, and Doreen & Allen call it a night.  We sit outside on a step in front of the bikes and watch the guys spit shine the bikes.  Nice evening, even thought I was beginning to wonder if we were going to be spending it sleeping on the bike  :))

We hit the hay a little early as we are getting up bright and early to head back to Oklahoma.  We are going to be hitting some heat in Amarillo, and there are chances of storms popping up in Oklahoma in the late afternoon, so we would like to be ahead of them.

Goodnight from the Plaza Hotel...Room 333 over and out!