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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tex-New-Rado 5-27-13 Day 6

Up and on the bikes at 6am New Mexico time.  We have some miles to make today.  It's a beautiful morning, and the wind is fairly light.  It is cool, but we know as soon as the sun gets up it will warm up quickly.  Our first stop is Tucumcari and we grab a quick breakfast and take a layer of clothing off.  I left my sweat shirt on, which I will live to regret in a short while.

We are making wonderful time, and the wind is actually to our backs, so the ride is great.  The sweat shirt that I left on, is beginning to get too warm, so I do my Houdini trick and take it off while we are going 75 mph, and put my mesh jacket back on.  Oh, that is so much better.

Not sure where it happened but as we got closer to Amarillo the wind switched.  It was coming out of the south now.  We zip right on through Amarillo and notice the wind speed is going steadily up.  By the time we reach Shamrock, Texas, it is blowing over 25 mph with who knows how big of gust.  We stop the the Texas Stop Sign (DQ) and grab some quick lunch and set sails to home.

We fight the wind the rest of the way home.  I can only say that I think our guys that manage these bikes (with us on back whipping around) are just darn good riders.  I would probably just pull over and say to heck with it.  It is hot until we hit Oklahoma....the closer we get to home, the cooler the temperature.  Wish I could say the same for the wind, but it kept blowing...

Our final stop is in Hinton, Oklahoma to fill the bikes and give our final hugs to our awesome group of riders.  We have traveled a good amount of miles with each other over 5 full days of riding, and I can only speak for myself, have enjoyed them all.  I hope the other riders have enjoyed it as well.

 My husband has outdone himself with all his planning.  We made a few u-turns along the way, but can say we didn't find ourselves on any dirt roads.  :)  Great planning Chuck and I really do appreciate you driving me all over these United States and seeing the beautiful roads we travel.

It is a little after 4pm when we got home.  The weather I spoke about is already starting to build out west.  Glad we were able get past it before it hit.

We logged 2084 non drama motorcycle miles, thanks to our Goldwing "Snow"

Thanks to all who participated  :)