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Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Thursday June 27th)

We are up and eating breakfast at the motel.  Diana has made her a blueberry waffle.  She said it wasn't that good...have to say the color would have turned me off!!!

The weather is pretty nice today. The temperature is 76 as we head out.   We ride through an area that has quite a few Amish people on the roads.  Dickens Missouri to be exact.  As we rode by, the kids in the back of the wagons waved.  I wonder if they really have the best world???  Not as much hustle and bustle that is for sure.  I guess that is really what you call "living off the grid"!!! But then, remember the reality show "Amish Mafia" I guess everyone has their own set of problems. 

We continue on down the road.  There are signs of fires all over the place.  Seems the farmers are burning their recently harvest wheat fields.  I guess that is one way to get them cleared.  It was an interesting site to see.  The winds are very light today, so I guess everyone is taking advantage of the good weather.  I have to say we have seen a lot of corn fields, and hay along the way as well.  

We are feeling hungry and I for one feel like I could drink a gallon of tea.  We drive through the town of Dexter.  Decide that we will eat a little local flavor.  We pull into Dexter BBQ, sounds pretty local, don't you think!!! 

The lunch was very good.  Not sure if we looked so good or bad when we drove up, because we sure did get the looks from the people that were sitting by the windows at the restaurant.  You know the feeling !!!!! 

We ate some really good barbecue.  The locals did good!  As we sit there, one of the guys that had been staring as we drove in, told Chuck that he needed to buy his trailer for his bike.  Well buddy, I don't think we would entertain that thought, as it is just too early in this little adventure to do without it. 

We see more corn fields than you can imagine.  The farming must be really good in this area, because that is all you can see.   The burning of the fields continue as we reach the Mississippi River.  We are officially in Tennessee...Look out Nashville, Goodlettsville and any Ville along the way, because here we come. 

We make it to the hotel, unpack, and decide to walk to the local Mexican food restaurant for dinner.  I would love to say something like "its the best we have ever had"....but you will not hear that.  In was OK, even though Diana didn't get what she ordered....and our waiter really could have cared less that he was actually waiting on us.  So with that said, it was OK...Just OK...

Back in our rooms, we decide it is time to get some rest.  Tomorrow we see John & have to get some rest!!!