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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Wednesday June 26th)

Sooo, we are packed, and ready to go.  Has been a little more difficult to get things all lined up so we are able to take this vacation.  Sometimes it just takes a little more planning and effort to get out of town.  You know the old saying....the best made plans of mice and men oft times go astray.  Well, not sure how astray these plans will go, but we are on the bikes and ready to get out of town.  These Flatlanders are heading for the hills.  In fact the mountains!!!

It is a hot day, and we are starting out around 3 in the afternoon.  At least we are heading east, so we will have the wind to our backs.  Chuck and I have on our hydration vest, and we are all wearing our mesh jackets.  Not sure that I have mentioned this, but it is HOT!!!! 

By the time we make Tulsa, the evening rush hour has called down, and it was pretty much a breeze going through the town.  We stop on the outskirts to get some food and something to drink.  We are really trying to make some miles today, so we make a quick stop in the Wendy's over by the Hard Rock, Tulsa.  The tea tasted so good.  I was really thirsty.  I also look like a drown rat, as my bottom and back are quite wet.  Oh well, that's what you get when you ride a bike in Oklahoma. 

The one nice thing about riding later in the day is that it cools off.  Actually was a nice ride.  We made a gas stop at the same spot we bought gas a couple of years ago, when we ran Diana & Chris out of gas on their spider....Yes, we did!!!!  

We continue through Joplin.  Amazing how a town can recover from such a terrible tornado!   The new hospital has moved to the other part of town, and it looks like it is about ready to open.  I know we will see this same progress in Moore, OK. in the coming months, and even years.  We are an amazing bunch of people. 

We stop for the night in Springfield, MO.  The guys clean off the bugs that have hit the bikes.  Chuck says it was time to stop, as his windshield was so speckled with bugs and it made looking through it a little rough. 
Sounds good to me...I am ready to get some rest.