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Friday, June 28, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Friday June 28th)

Day 3. Nashville Goodlettsville

We have Breakfast at hotel, and will be meeting up with my sister and brother in law today.  They lived in one of the Ville's and we will be having dinner with them tonight. 

There is a mall across the street from the hotel, so we decide to go ahead and check it out.  We have nothing but time to kill this morning so we took advantage of it.  There is a place that offers massages, and foot massages.  They had tried to pull Diana & I in there as we walked by.  On our return pass by, the caught us.  Diana wanted to have her feet massaged.  I convinced Chuck he needed a back massage.  Then before I knew it, I was sitting in one of their chairs too...Where is Chris!!!!  He says there is NO way anyone would be touching his back ,and for sure not his feet.  About 20 minutes later, Chuck and I manage to get out of the chair
I think we both felt like we had been run over by a Mack truck.  Lordy, lordy what have we done!!!! 
Diana emerges with "happy feet" glad!!!!  I think Chuck and I will never  be the same  :S

It is getting time for us to find a place to eat.  As we walked over this morning I noticed a place called Baily's.  Its a sports's a cool spot to sit and relax...maybe our backs will heal while we sit!!!  LOL  We have a really good burger there, and we didn't feel rushed to leave, so we just took it easy.  We could get used to This vacationing thing.  Of course Diana & I had to use the rest room...As we emerge, all we could talk about was the mouthwash they have in the bathroom.  There were little white cups, and a dispenser with mouthwash on the wall....YUCK!!!!!!  You don't even want to know where our jokes went from this point.  Of course we had to come and share our find with the guys.  Their bathroom didn't have mouthwash....Hmmm, wonder why??!! 

As we walked back to the hotel, we spy a sign that made us laugh.  Will leave it to you to decide what you think it is supposed to mean...LOL

We are meeting Kay & John around 3pm, so we have time to chill at the hotel, and cool down.  It is really warm and humid here in the Ville!  As you can see by the candid pic...."some of us" got a little shut eye....LOL

We are picked up around 3ish.  So wonderful to see these guys.  Amazed that John was able to take off today, and chauffeur this crazy group around.  I guess the Sonic he has will survive without him for a day!!!
First time for Diana & Chris to meet John & Kay, and I have to say from the time they picked us up, until they dropped us back off that evening, we all laughed and carried on.  It was a wonderful visit.  John drove us to Nashville.  Drove us by all the hot spots.  Got to see the original Reiman Theater.  This is all happening around 4:30 and people are all over the place.  We didn't stop, as we had placed to go....The plan is to go to the little town of Franklin.  Supposed to be the town where all the stars have moved to.

We make our way to the main street of Franklin.  Did a couple of drive bys to see where we might want to eat dinner.  There was this little quaint place that caught Johns eyes.  Dotson's Restaurant it is!!!  More local flavor.  The place has been there a very long time.  Looking on their walls, there have been a lot of "famous" people eating here as well.  Sure would be nice to see one of them this evening, but that wasn't going to happen. 

We ate our dinner, and enjoyed all the laughs we got to share with two really awesome people.  So glad that Chuck planned our trip to make this little stop!!!  Making memories can be so much fun.

John gets back behind the wheel, and takes us for more site seeing.  He drives us to the field that he flies his model airplanes at.  The hills, and trees are beautiful in the area.  I for one am very impressed with the lush Tennessee area.  John attempted to find Garth Brooks old house, but wasn't able to find it, but we did get to check out some nice neighborhoods. 

As the final treat of the evening, John drives us to his Sonic.  We place an order.  I think with his thick Chicago accent the girl that takes orders would know him, but I guess she wasn't paying any attention.  The car hop brings out our drinks and ice cream, and about drops it as she looks and realizes she is delivering her tray to her boss.  It was a really funny little moment.  More laughs as we pull out from the Sonic. 

We are dropped back to our hotel about 9:45 all safe and sound.  We had a really fun afternoon to with 2 wonderful people.  We appreciate their hospitality....Thanks again to John & Kay for making our day so much fun! 

Time to get to bed, we have to get back on the road in the morning!!!  Some great ones have our names on them.  Look out Deals Gap....we are coming your way.