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Saturday, July 6, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Saturday July 6th)

Everyone that know us, is aware my husband Chuck goes to a lot of trouble to plan these great escapes.  I for one, love it, cause it is planned...I don't have to do a lot of decision making.  I like that...When people ask where we are going...heck, I really have an idea of where, but as far as how to get here...nope, don't ask me.  You also know that plans can change.  Most of the time, our plans stay pretty much on target.  This trip is one of the excepts to the rules.

We had plans to go to Myrtle Beach...well, that was a wash out!  We planned on staying on the east coast a little longer, but due to the rain, we didn't.  We are actually home a day earlier...what!!!!

It was a nice ride home.  We got started early, as the rain has stopped and someone turned on the blast furnace.  We are riding back into the heat.  It is supposed to be almost 100 today in Oklahoma City.  Oh well, we got drenched yesterday...why not!!!  Guess that is the fun part of riding a just never know what you will experience.

We stopped in Shawnee at the Honda dealership, and did a little shopping.  We also went to the Cracker Barrel down the street and had lunch.  We have make really good time, and we are home by around 1:30.

I was glad to be home and unpacked and sitting in my chair by 4:00.  WOW, we had a great trip.  Lots of miles, but a little shorter than what we planned.

I have to say, it is so nice to be able to ride with 2 people that we really enjoy every day.  It is amazing that we can go on these remarkable trips and have a couple that enjoys going with us.  Diana & Chris are really great friends...(or crazy) !!!!  We do have some fun that is for sure.  Thanks for making this trip one for the memory book, or should I say Blog!!!

Mileage for Snow our Goldwing.... 2505 glorious stress less miles :)