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Thursday, July 4, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Thursday July 4)

Day 9   Rain has cancelled Fireworks displays in Greenville!  

There is a quote that goes like this " If you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride"...Well, we've got that covered....Rain and more rain.

We are socked in with Delilah the tropical storm so we decide to head back west.  We went to the front desk at the hotel, and told the girl we were checking out a day early.  Since we had booked with, she told us to call them and tell them that the hotel is ok with us checking out early due to the weather event they are having.  We had convinced ourselves we would be paying for this next night, but said they would cancel it for us.  Wow, we have been very lucky to be able to get the rooms cancelled once again.

We are on the road by 11am. Yes it is raining. Not a hard rain but it is raining.

We really didn't get into the heavy rains until we got to Atlanta. I am always amazed at our wonderful guys and their ability to ride through a torrential rain and keep us moving in the right direction.  The water is deep in the roads, and it is coming down so fast, the drainage can't keep up.  It finally lightens up after we get out of Atlanta.

We stop around 2pm in the town of Oxford, Alabama.  There is a Shonies as we pull off, so we decide we will just stop there. Diana has to change her top as she is soaked.  Chris's hands are turning colors as they are so wet his gloves are staining them.

Chris has spied the Strawberry Pie they are offering for the 4th Of July...Looks so good.  We have a pretty good salad bar, and Diana ask Chris if he wants a piece of that pie.  The waitress tells us if we are all wanting to eat a piece, we would be money ahead to just buy the whole pie....Works for us, so we split the pie 4 ways.  Pretty big pieces but hey, we have been riding in rain all day and we deserve it!!!!

I have decided to take off my shoe covers & as we pull out the rains are trying to catch up with us.  We just can't seem to get ahead of this rain, but we keep trying.

We see the signs for Talladega Superspeedway.  Wow, we are really close to Ricky Bobby!  

We stop for gas in Birmingham. I have convinced myself that the somewhat clear skies are going to stay that way, and I remove the bottoms to my rain suit.   Little did I know what was ahead.
I have to say that was not the best plan I have ever had. We get into waves of rain. Some fairly light. OK that is fine but when it is a driving rain. You guessed it. My jeans are getting soaked.  Well, that was quite refreshing....NOT!!!!!  Diana has gotten two shirts soaked today, and me, I have a soggy pair of jeans.

The mimosa trees are very thick along the roadsides.  They are blooming and it sure does remind me of my childhood.  We always had a mimosa tree.  They are so messy but so pretty!!!

We stop for the night in Tupelo.  The motel we found is right across the street from an Outback Steakhouse.  We walk over and there is a 45 minute wait.  It is fairly hot outside, and Chuck checks out the bar area and finds us some seats at the bar.  We make our way there, and get a drink.  The bartenders are really nice, and ask if we just want to go ahead and eat at the bar.  Heck yes, if we can get our food earlier.  You really can't go wrong at Outbacks.  Food was really good, and the bartenders were interesting to watch as they made all the different drinks.

We have been told by all the locals that we have come in contact with that the fireworks will be coming from the downtown area of Tupelo.  We are on the 4th floor of the motel, and Diana & Chris's room is in the direction of the fireworks.  I would like to tell you that we sat and watched them, but I was worn out, and we ended up hitting the hay before they even started.  Chuck & I watched the TV and saw the presentation of the fireworks in Washington DC.  Good enough for me!!!  Too tired to even care.

Goodnight world.