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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Tuesday July 2)

Day 7

We went to bed and it was raining, and we woke up and it was raining.  Yuck!!!  We went down to eat some breakfast and it was pretty crowded with would be motorcycle riders that are just hanging around to see if we are going to catch a break in the rain. 

Our break didn't happen until around 12:30.  We have sat in the lobby and watched weary travelers come in drenched from all the rain we have gotten.  There are flood alerts on all the TV stations. The guys have gone around to the bikes and talked with several people that are doing the same waiting game as we are.   Time to take the covers off and dry them off and get this show on the road.

We go about a mile from the hotel and eat at a new Twin Peaks.  By the time we get there the lunch crowd is gone. Food was really good.  I tried their tacos and I would order them again!  The weather is still holding, so we decide to ride and check out the area.  Chuck plugs in a couple of Honda dealerships, and we are on our way.  Not too far from the restaurant we see our first bike wreck....There is a red motorcycle trailer turned upside down, and stuff is all over the side road.  As we continue to look, I see the red Goldwing that went with the trailer.  It looks like it is OK, as well as the driver.  Our interpretation of this wreck is that he probably tried to beat a car across the intersection, and she clipped the back of the trailer.  However it played out, the trailer is pretty much toast.

One of the dealerships we rode to was in Piedmont, SC...Of course we had to see what Piedmont looked like.  I think it is quite a bit larger than the Piedmont we know in Oklahoma.  As usual the dealership wasn't much.  They had a very nice salesman, and he tells Chuck & Chris that he hasn't seen a white wing before...Not sure what box he is living under, but I can assure him that we are not the only people riding a white 2012 Goldwing...LOL

The rain gods are being very cooperative this afternoon, so we go back to the downtown area, and walk around their "Falls Park on the Reedy".  It is located in Greenville's Historic West End. If you want to know more about the area, here is a link.   Falls Park
I felt like it is like our Bricktown area in Oklahoma City.  The falls are really nice, and the walking paths are really well kept.  I for one wanted an Iced Caramel Coffee Starbucks and we just happened to be right across the street from it.  We sat outside and had a great breeze to help cool us down.

Chuck thinks we need to walk around the park area, and we embark on a little nature walk.  Lordy, lordy, we had no idea it was going to be that long of a walk....The humidity is really high, and about half way through this walk, it is time for it to be over.  Finally find a place to cut this walk short, we actually aren't very far from where we parked the much for nature!!! 

As we ride back to the hotel the skies are looking like they are wanting to open up again.  We ordered pizza and had delivered to room as it is raining again!!!! 

Hopefully the weather is cooperative tomorrow, cause we are finally going to "Wing Ding"...  Goodnight!