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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Wednesday July 3)

Day 8  Wing Ding Day is finally here 

OK, OK, I know you are as excited as I is the day....Finally get to go to Wing Ding.
We get there around 10 and there are bikes everywhere. As we rode there a bike went past and the stand that holds the trailer up when no attached to the bike was dragging. Making all kinds of noise going down the toad. The couple stopped at a light and another bike pulled up and told then. Surprised they didn't hear it themselves.  Turn your hearing aid up!!!!
As soon as we get parked and cover the bike, it starts to rain....imagine that!  

We were told as we pulled in by one of the guys directing traffic that a transformer had blown and part of the building is without electric. As we enter the building, we ride an escalator up to the main floor.  There are different stations set up for pre-pays, and day passes.  The day pass area wasn't busy, so we paid our $15 per person, and got our armband and off we go.......well, almost....remember that blown transformer.  Seems they tried to keep the doors closed to the vendors until it was fixed, but these Wingers were getting upset, and were banging on the doors, so they opened them up....Yep, we were shopping in the glow of flashlights and emergency lighting...What a site to see.

Making our way down the first isle via minimal light didn't seen to slow us down.
First thing, and I think it was the first vendor we come to, we buy some really cool chairs that fold up pretty tight. We continue down the first row and by the time we get to the food area, the next section of vendors had light, and yes, air conditioning.  We shopped a bit more, and Chris found some new highway pegs that he thought he needed, so we are doing pretty good by this time.

 We finish looking at the vendors in the lighted side, and decide we might as well stop and eat a hot dog, and if we play it right, maybe the light will be back on by the time we finish. We see Susan and her husband from Chapter B as we set and ate.

Chris had to try out the Bunkhouse trailer.  It is a big joke with us, and I really am not a camper, and I just don't see the fun in wagging that big ole camper around, when there are perfectly good motels & hotels in every town we stop in.  They have electricity, and air really....Lets not camp...ok??!!

We saw lots people that we had no idea how they could even be riding a bike or trike.  They were decked out with their patches and vest.  I told Chuck the whole thing reminded me of a fair. Amazed at all the big named vendors that were there. 

 It was a nice afternoon of checking out Wing Ding, but we couldn't imagine what a person would do for 4 days of this stuff.  There weren't THAT many vendors...LOL  I know, I know, they have all those wonderful "training" seminars, but we are wanting to ride...not sit!  

We head back to the rooms around 3, and you remember those chairs we bought as we came into the vendor area.  Well, they didnt fold down enough to get in our side bags, so Diana & I had to hold them on our short trip back to the room.  Just glad it wasn't raining as we did this.  But, I got tickled at Diana and Chuck and I started laughing, and couldn't stop....She said she could hear us as we rode back home.  I just happened to have a hand free to get a pic...Doesn't she look like she is having FUN!!!  

We made a good choice to go ahead and come back to the hotel and get the bikes covered.    We are parked by a real nice couple from Missouri/Texas at the hotel.  The husband was a real talker. He had worked for the railroad so he had quite a few interesting stories to share with us.

We sat inside the area very close to where our bikes were parked. They had a table and a couple of chairs so this area became our hangout for quite awhile. The new "chairs" we bought came in handy as the people from Missouri/Texas sat out there as well.  The rain gods decided to descend on us around 4pm. We became the door monitor for all the poor souls that were making it back to the hotel.  One guy comes storming in and he wasn't very happy....he said it had rained on him all day, and when it wasn't raining, it rained some more....He was not a happy camper, but didn't seem like anyone was very happy...just us, we were dry and being the hall monitor.

Since there is no way we are getting out in this weather we opt to have our order delivered. We order from Coronas Mexican restaurant. We used 864 To Go and ordered our food online. After we ordered we headed down to the main lobby to wait for it. After about 45 minutes the food hadn't shown up I look at my confirming email and I missed one of the steps I was supposed to call them back....and confirm...Oops!!!!! So start the timer again and wait another 45 minutes.

It took a little over an hour to get the food. The containers are all bent. There is fajita juice in the bottom of the bag. Our chips are soaked. We have all this food. Some we didn't order. What is going on...and then the lady at the table across from us ask if we got extra food. Why yes we did. Guess the delivery girl had no idea she was delivering two separate orders.

We give the people their food. They say it isn't the food they ordered.  Well, it is the best we can do with what we have, because I for one am not sharing mine!!!  I guess the restaurant called the lady to find out how her food was, and she told them of the mix up...and that they didn't pay either.  So in a little bit, the girl that delivered the mess came back.  She was a bit snippy to us, and we told her we had no idea we got two orders.  What a mess, and what a day.  We are now beginning to get webbed feet.  Rain, please stop!!!  We may be cutting our stay short in Greenville, and try and find a more dry area to head to...Tune in tomorrow to see what we do.