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Friday, August 16, 2013

FNDR 8-16-13. Vamos a comer algo de comida mexicana

Judging by the number of friends that say they are coming to our Friday Night Dinner Ride I would say here is a real fondness for Mexican Food!  By the way, I used my "translate" app from my phone to make the title tonight.  :)

We ride to La Fiesta in Chickasha, OK. I call La Fiesta on Friday afternoon to tell Warn them that
there would be 20 people showing up at 7pm to eat at their establishment. They inform me they don't take reservations on Fridays or Saturday's. Well darn, we will just have to wing it, and hope they can handle us.

We meet Diana, Chris, Terri and Mike at the Braums in Yukon.  This is the first time we had ridden with Terri and Mike.  We met them at the local Goldwing Chapter several months ago.
By this time of day I had a text from Tom and he and Seda wouldn't be joining us after all.  We are down to 18 people now.

We arrive at 6:45 and are right behind Allen, Doreen and the boys.  They are inside securing us a spot!  Steve and Jennifer are the next ones to pull in.  They rode their bike tonight. This is a first.  We had a decided they didn't have their bike any longer since it has been over a year since they rode it to any dinner rides.  Lynn and Keith pull in and they are by themselves. They were supposed to bring Carla and Larry with them, but it seems Carla wasn't feeling well and they opted out.

So if you are counting we have 16 for dinner.  We all move closer together and sit around a big round table out on their patio area.  It could have been a bit cooler out side but it was OK.  The weather has been so unusual the whole summer. This evening just happens to be a warm calm night...Where is the wind when you need it.  :)

Our food and waiters were great!  The company was even better. Love our little group of peeps!  It's wonderful to know when Friday rolls around we have a group of fun loving people to hang out with.

As we are walking out Doreen tells me she was a bit surprised we chose this place. I asked her why and she informs me they had been closed down for a week in June due to health code violation!,,,  what!!!!!!  I had no idea...but I guess now was a good time to be here. Everything was probably the cleanest it had been in a long time.

This Friday was no exception.  As far as I am concerned tonight was as good as it gets.  Hope that Terri and Mike enjoyed it as well.

We all say our goodbyes and Lynn and Keith head back to Duncan, OK, and we lead 3 bikes back towards Oklahoma City.  As we ride the dark two lane road back home (hwy37) the area is lit by red lights on the west side of the road. As far as an eye can see these blinking red lights.....yep, they are the wind turbines warning airplanes that they are everywhere.

 Just like an orchestrated maneuver, at their designated spots each bike peals off to their final destination for the evening.  But wait....where are we going, no home...heck's Friday night in the big town and it's time to drink a margarita at Mole Nation.  Diana and Chris accompany us....I mean that's what Friday nights are for, right?!!!

Goodnight world.