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Friday, August 2, 2013

FNDR 8-3-13 HOT!!!! Ginger is having a really bad Hot Flash!

Our dinner ride tonight was hot!!!  The weather was 100 today, and the humidity is even  higher...Not really, just kidding, but it was high as well. We are riding Ginger the Harley to Norman to eat at Rudy's with our friends.    We had a good group there tonight, and enjoyed the great BBQ that Rudy's offers. 

It is about 9:00pm when we headed back to Oklahoma City.  We hop on to I-35 and was amazed at the sign as we entered the highway saying there were no delays on the highway.  The bridges are being worked on in Norman, and they have really had traffic tie up due to this. 

Well, I spoke too soon.  We no more got past Main street in Norman, and the traffic really started slowing down.  Then we come to the crawl....then we stop.  It is still shows to be 91 degrees, and we are sitting with millions of other people that are attempting to go North on I-35....

One thing about it, the people going South weren't having any luck either.  The road on their side is down to 1 lane and it is packing up fast. 

We are on the far inside lane, and we are baking.  If you have ever sat in a line on a Harley, you know exactly what I am talking about.  The bike would go into what I call "limp mode" know what that is...It cuts out one part of the cylinders, and it sounds like it is barely running.  Harley's answer to overheating.  Hmmm, Harley, ever thought maybe your air cooled motors should be a thing of the past.  Oh but I know, they just wouldn't sound right.  Oh well, at least you might be able to ride the damn thing!!!!  The longer we sit, the louder and more clattering is coming from the engine. 

I have to laugh at the picture showing the wind speed of 0....if you look to the right it gives the temperate...Shows 196 degrees....We all know that is not correct...but wait, maybe it least it is to Ginger (the Harley) and myself.  I know I am to my boiling point.  :)

We are literally about to burn the engine up, so we start edging over to the outside lane.  Chuck says we are going to drive down the edge of the road and try to get out of this mess.  Chris & Diana are behind us, but they don't follow us.  (they are on the Goldwing and not having heating issues)

I know we probably got a lot of dirty looks as we rode by the extremely long line of cars.  Sorry to anyone that we might have upset by our move, but we were forced to do it.  It was that, or let the damn thing burn up...(insert frustration sound in my voice)

The traffic opens up at the Indian Hills Road exit, and Chuck attempts to accelerate the bike...It is pinging and sputtering like crazy...Sounds like it is going to blow a head gasket.  Poor Ginger...feel so bad, but at this point, we have to get some air circulating on her. 

We ride to Taco Cabana and pull off to get something cold to drink.  I have been in contact via text messaging with Diana...They finally tried our maneuver with a few cars, and I guess by that time, those people we passed earlier were really not happy.  She says they were honking and then a big truck actually blocked the shoulder where no one could cut ahead. 

I totally understand the frustration with the people waiting, but hey, we were having a crisis here!!!!

Diana said it took 1and 1/2 hours to go 8 miles.  It was a blistering 90 degrees...with millions of cars, and no one going anywhere fast on the main artery in and out of Oklahoma City.  Something is wrong with this picture. 

I guess it makes for an interesting evening, but at the expense of burning up a bike....not a really fun one!  Ginger is home and she is bathing in ice....LOL...not really, but she has cooled down...Looks like no harm was done to her.