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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and a trip to Hot Springs, AR. (Sunday Aug. 31st)

Higdon Ferry Road
Breakfast was pretty good yesterday, so we decide to do it again.  We had a very spunky little lady as a waitress.  I would think she was in her very late 70's or early 80's and she didn't miss a beat.  She was funny, and could dish out anything the guys would pull on her.  Think this wasn't her first time to deal with a group like this  :)

Chuck wore his " I pooped today" shirt, and there were actually employees of the hotel walking by our table to see his shirt.  Our waitress said her boss told her about it but she wasn't going to make a big deal out of it.....But she really did want to see it!!!!

Ignore the 106 degrees.  App. gone wild!  

Our plans today are to get on the bike before it get too darn hot and ride around a bit.  We head out and drive by Oaklawn Horse Racing building.  At that corner is where we turned and rode down Higdon Ferry Road.  Wasn't a very long road but hey, it is our name sake.  Never have I been on a road with the name Higdon in it!!!

Beautiful  area and lots of lakes.  The ride was really nice, and we got to see some of the local flavors of the town.

Ha Ha Made you look!!!  

As we head out of town towards Arkadelphia, we top a hill and what we see on the side of the road makes us do a double take.  Looks like a motorcycle cop standing by his bike.  Very life like, and really did make us take a second look.

Cool inside=chillin 

We get to Arkadelphia around 11:30 and decide we need to turn around and head back to the hotel before it gets too hot.  We had seen a Tattoo/ Head Shop as we came out of Hot Springs, so it is discussed, and we turn in when we get back to it.

Relaxin at the Tattoo/Head Shop  :) 

 The guy at the desk tells Steve that one of the tattoo artist will be coming in about 30 minutes if we want to hang around.  The place is very cold!!!  I can truly say, I think it is the only place Hot Springs that actually has a working air conditioner.  We hang around till the dude shows up and Steve starts talking about what he wants.  Again, the guy says what he is wanting will take a couple of sittings...He and Jennifer decide to look at some other ideas, and get a tattoo.  Since this is going to be a long afternoon of tattooing, we tell them we will meet up with them after they get finished.

Back on the bikes, we head back downtown with Diana and Chris.  Seems that Chuck's new shoes have started squeaking, so he is going to run them back to the shoe guy and see what we can do about it.  Too expensive to already be broken.  
We find a good parking spot and park.  Have to say we do a little more retail therapy.  Chuck leaves his shoes with the shoe guy, and will have a new pair shipped to the house.  He and Chris have to revisit the knife shop.  Diana & I check out a couple more shops.

We are hungry, and there is a lady sitting right outside the shoe store, directing people upstairs to eat at this Cajun restaurant.  Heck why not!!!  We go up the stairs to the second floor.  We again sit in a restaurant that was really in need of some cold air....but at least we have some water and tea to drink.  The owner comes by and assures us we are going to "love" his food.  Heck, Chris orders a hamburger, how can he go wrong.  Chuck orders the shrimp po boy, and Diana & I order salads.  But I have to say the best part of the whole meal was the ketchup....Yep, the ketchup....jalapeno ketchup to be exact!!!!!  Never knew it existed.  Going to find some of that when we get back home.  Made those hand cut fries the guys had, really tasty!

Heading back towards the bike we duck into several stores.  One place had all these wild colored wigs, so of course Diana & I had to try some on.  It was fun!  I think I will stay with blonde myself, but hey, Diana really rocked that purple hair!

It's hot and by the time we get back to the hotel, we decide it is time to take a dip in the pool.  We weren't able to get any of the spa treatments this trip, as we didn't make a reservation in time.  Chuck told us we needed to plan on that, but we just didn't believe him.  Guess we will listen to him next time!!!

When we entered the pool area, thinking it would be full of kids like yesterday, but much to our surprise there were only two other people in it!  They were from Mississippi and they rode bikes as well.  We got to sit in the pool and drink some cocktails and cool down quite nicely.  Enjoyed talking with them and sharing some stories.

Time to grab some dinner as we have a date with a duck...not just any duck, but an Amphibious Duck!
We eat at the Mexican food restaurant on the way.  Would love to say it was awesome, but we didn' t really like it that much.  At least it was pretty quick, and after they moved us to a cooler area in the restaurant, we ate our food.

On the water in the Duck

Jennifer and Steve are still at the tattoo parlor, so they will miss the Duck Ride.  Our duck leaves at 7:30 and we learn a few things about the town as the guy drives us to the water.  The guy was kinda funny and he would make a quacking sound as he announced things over the intercom.  He even quacked at people in cars when they drove up.  
Riding the duck

Met back up with Alveys around 9.     They showed off their new "ink".  Looks really good.  Think it was worth the wait!!!   Off to pack to head home, for tomorrow we ride home.

Jennifer's New Ink

Steve's New Ink