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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and a trip to Hot Springs AR. (Saturday 2013)

We meet downstairs and eat breakfast at the Hotel.  They have a nice restaurant and they have a breakfast buffet, so might as well eat here.

Steve & Jennifer

We are ready to walk around and see what is going on in this town.  We head towards the Bath Houses.  Seems to be a lot of people roaming around.  We walk into the Quapah Bath House, and check out their prices.  Find out we have to have flip flops or crocks to get in the public area.  We will check this out later.

Water coming out of the ground.  HOT!!!!

There are places you can bring your own jugs and fill them with the Spring water.  I have to say, the water is very good.  This town has so much history about he Springs.  Seems the Indians were here as well as the mobsters in the day.  In both cases, Hot Springs was a neutral meeting area.

We walk to the Arlington Hotel, and it was really interesting seeing the old elevators and how they had preserved the look of the ages.  Seems that the Arlington Hotel had been across the street to where it now sits, but burned and they rebuilt it on the corner where it now sits.

They have a spigot where you can get water as well.  It was good until it poured out hot.  I am talking scalding hot.  We had stuck our hands in a stream earlier and according to the information we read, it was saying it is over 145 degrees by the time it gets to the surface.  WOW!!!

Chuck & I  

Chris & Diana 

We cross the street after we leave the Arlington, and I notice a place that you can dress up and have your pictures taken in character.  I convince everyone that we need to check it out.  It's pretty hot by now, and a little cool store is ok'ed by all.  Now if I can just talk this group into taking a group pic.  I must have caught them all at a weak moment, because they said YES!!!!

 I truly think we all had fun.  With 6 of us, it made the picture taking a lot of fun.  It was getting warm in the small building by the time we finished, but I think it was worth it.  Just look at this group!
The Moles Take Hot Springs!

We get back out in the heat, and by now it is time to think about food again.  The guys find a knife shop to check out, and there is a burger joint next door, so we plan our next stop.

We had no idea when we entered BubbaLu's Bodacious Burgers that we would be there for quite a while.  Not only did it take forever to get our food, but it wasn't the coolest place in the world.  Looks like some of us were tired.....Steve!!!
The burger was worth the wait, but really wasn't overly good.  Guess if you wait long enough, anything taste good!!!

We exit the burger place and do some more retail therapy.  We pop in and out of several stores.  Find some popcorn for Diana....then we all stop in at Jiggling Georges....

Seems that Diana & I are always on a quest to find a more comfortable shoe.  The guys have found another knife store to shop, so Diana & I start checking out the shoes at Jigglin Georges.

The guy has a machine that you stop on this pad and it shows your foot, so he can put the right orthodox in the shoes.  I put on a pair, and loved them.  Diana tries on a pair and I think she is even sold!!!  By now the guys have shown up and Chuck tries on a pair.....then Chris....and then even Steve joined in.  Jennifer is the only one that didn't walk out of that store with new shoes.  We are really high steppin now!!!!

The temperature is extremely warm, and it is about 3:30 in the afternoon and we still want to make it to the Harley Store.  We make our way back to the hotel, and meet up to ride there.  When we make it to the dealership we are surprised to see that it is no longer there.  In fact, there is no Harley store in Hot Springs any longer.  They moved out.  Oh well, we tried.

We go back towards the hotel and decide to go to the pool.  It is time to cool down.  There are quite a few kids in the pool, but at this point it was just time to cool down.  The pool has an indoor and outdoor area.  We stayed in the indoor part, and the water felt wonderful!

We talked about where we would eat, and I called a steak house and got reservations for 7pm.  So glad I called, because with all the people in town we probably wouldn't have gotten in.

The waiter was really good, and the food...well, I just never had grilled steak with brown gravy over it. It was a pepper steak, and wow, they really used the pepper on it.  It was OK, but not what I was expecting.  Diana said her catfish was pretty good, and Chris said his prime rib was over cooked.  I think Jennifer & Steve's was OK...never heard otherwise.

After dinner we walk back out to the downtown area.  Steve is talking about a tattoo, and there is a tattoo parlor just down the street.  Strange thing, they close at 11pm.  The lady tells Steve the tattoo he is wanting would take a couple of sittings, so we go ahead and leave.  Never heard of a tattoo parlor closing so early.....but this is a different little town.

Jennifer isn't feeling well, so we walk almost back to the hotel, and decide to go ahead and walk to the Blue's festival area.  We leave Steve and Jennifer and have plans on meeting up with Steve a little later.

By now it is almost 9 I think, and the band that is setting up is going to be the last one for the night....Really!!!! It's 9 pm...Like I said, this town is a little different.  Rolls up early for sure!!!

We go back to the room and Diana & Chris and Steve come down to ours and we sit and talk and watch football for a little bit.

Time to get some rest, so we say our good nights....Steve, Diana & Chris no more leave the room and Jennifer is knocking on the door.  Well, she didn't get the memo that the party was over.  LOL...she is feeling much better thank goodness.  We send her back to her room.  Get some rest...Goodnight world.