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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Sunday)

Today we head back west towards home.  It is not a long ride, only about 5 hours.  We have beautiful cool weather to start out this morning.  Lynn & Keith make it to the hotel at 9ish, and we get on the bikes and head out. 

The back roads we traveled to the hotel are the same ones we take today.  It sure does cut out a lot of traffic.  As we get to Siloam Springs, we pull in for gas, and remove a layer of clothes.  It is starting to warm up nicely.

We really have an uneventful ride back.  We stop in Stroud and have lunch at The Rock Restaurant.  I thought it might be really busy, but guess we beat the crowd. 

Our waitress had the cutest accent.  I have to think it was German, dutch, or something like that.  She was really sweet, and got our order in for us.  They came out pretty quick as well.  Most of us got the usual stuff, burgers....but not Lynn...Nope, she has to try something different.  She ordered the Jagerschnitzel & Speitzle....She said it was yummy....Our burgers, and buffalo burgers were good as well. 

I guess this is our last stop before we get back into Oklahoma City, so we give all our friends a big hug, and tell them how much we enjoyed the weekend.  We are so blessed to have such great friends.  I say that all the time, but it really is true.

I later get text from everyone that they are home safe and sound.  Another ride for the book.  We logged 800 and something miles.  Not sure about the something, but you get the idea. 

Thinking we will attempt to get the same hotel for next year.  Lynn & Keith will hopefully be able to join us there as well.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Saturday)

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day, and I have to say, it is starting out that way.  Oops....spoke too soon.  Doreen's bike won't start....Looks like her battery has decided to die!  The guys are talking about tying to bump start it.  I tell them I will go and see if the hotel has any jumper cables, as they have a courtesy van in the front.  The gentlemen at the desk says, he can do one better than that.  They have a Black & Decker charger thingy...Yes, I said thingy...I don't know exactly what its called...but hey, it worked.  Turned that bike battery right over.  Doreen & Allen are heading to the Pig Trails HD to get a battery.  We will meet up with Lynn & Keith and catch up with them at the dealership. 

Keith leads us in the back way.  Again we miss all the traffic...This is getting to be a norm for us!  We park, and I get a text from Doreen.  They are getting the battery, and then I get another one, and she says, they are done.  Ready to roll.  Wow, that was quick.  So glad this happened today instead of in the morning when we are getting ready for the trip back home. 

Back at our bikes, we meet up with Doreen & Allen, and we are on the road.  We are heading towards Eureka Springs ( like everyone else).  We travel through Little Flock as we leave the dealership.  Can you imagine living there....Keith said the kids would be "Little Flockers".... like they haven't heard that one before  :)

Gassed up and ready to go, we actually don't have a lot of traffic.  There are quite a few bikes on the road, but not bad, not bad at all.  We ride to the cut off to Holiday Island, as we are going to ride over the suspension bridge in that area.  It is a nice windy road down to the bridge.  We get there and wait our turn to go across.  I got a few pics as we headed across.  Back towards Eureka Springs, and Diana mentions something about eating at Grandma's Beans & Cornbread for lunch.  Sorry guys, but we can't talk to the other bikes, so we are heading there.  Yum, is all I can say. 

As we get into Eureka Springs, we again take a short cut if you will, and don't parade through the main part of town.  We are on a mission....there are beans and cornbread to be eaten.  We arrive right at noon.  What great planning.  And as usual, they are really good.  I didn't hear a complaint from anyone, but lets see how they feel this evening.  We may all be in misery...hope not! 

Lunch is over, and we head out towards Jasper, AR.  The ride was really nice.  The day couldn't be more perfect.  I don't think there is a cloud in the sky.  Sure different from yesterday. 

We stop for gas in Jasper.   The little town of Jasper can barely handle all the bikers that are descending on their town today.  The pumps at the station don't have card readers, so you have to go and give them your credit card.  One pump is you get the idea.  It takes a while, but we aren't in a hurry.  We only thought the line to get gas was long.  You can only imagine a co-ed bathroom line.  Yes, we waited.  :)  Like I said, we are in a very small town. 

As we pull out from Jasper, we head to The Hub.  Might as well pull in and show Doreen & Allen.  Would have been nice to hang around and eat dinner, but we are about 2 hours out from our hotel, and we would have to kill some time before we decide to point the bikes back to the west and start heading back.  We can find some food along the way.  Marble Falls was called Dogwood a long time ago, and it was the place where Lil Abner and Daisy Mae were.  There was an amusement park called Dogwood, and the Hub is now where the original motel was for Dogwood.  Quite an interesting area, and highly recommend checking it out if you are a biker.  The riding is really good around the area.

The ride back was very nice.  There were some cars along the way, that were not going to speed limit, and on these curvy roads, we just had to be in laid back mode, and deal with it.  As we get close to Springdale, Chuck ask me to look on my phone for some restaurants.  Well, I am here to tell you, about the only thing to eat in this town is Mexican Food.  So, you guessed it, we ate Mexican Food...Diana & I were so sad...LOL  Sure we were!  The food was good, but can you imagine....Mexican food on top of those beans....LOL  Oh man, this is going to be interesting. 

We head towards the hotel, and we all meet up downstairs in front of the big TV.  The big TV that the guys already have on a football game.  So, you know where this story is going.  The guys are on one side, and the girls on the other.  The guys have their heads in the football game, and we girls sit and chat, and read magazines. 

I guess the outcome of the football games end up well, as Keith and Lynn decide to head back to their room, and I am pretty tired, so it is time to hit the hay.  I no more get up in the room, and Chuck is knocking on the door...1/2 time...I should have known. 
I don't have a clue how the game turned out, as I was out like a light.  Goodnight world! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Friday)

Our hotel is full of bikers.  It is really out in the middle of nowhere, but at least you can be to the highway in 10 miles.  Not bad, and very quiet....except for those damn bikers!!!  Not really, because we woke up to rain.....It had rained off and on most of the night.

We eat our breakfast, and sit....and sit some more....Then around 11 it is time to get moving.  The rain has finally stopped, but there is still a mist in the air, but we are going for it.  We clean off the bikes and head out to meet up with Lynn & Keith at Pig Trails HD.  Everyone had the same idea about the weather, and it was a little busy there, but they had the parking under control.  Doreen rode with Allen today, and as we pulled in, we got split up.  Allen parked in one area, and Chuck & Chris were directed to a covered parking area....LOL....(guess we get VIP treatment).  The clouds still look threatening, but the rain stays away.  We do get a little mist, but not bad at all!!!

This guy is no "slacker"...Always working! 

Lots of vendors at Pig Trails, and we check them all out.  Amazing the vendors that are there every year are at the same spot.  Chuck was still conducting business when we got there, so everyone just went ahead and milled around.  I don't think anyone understands his message on his phone...What does " I am on Vacation" mean?

I always say these rally's remind me of the Fair!
And speaking of the fair....Chuck & I have a corn dog...and very big corn dog.  They had an area set up for you to sit and eat, so we all got our favorite foods, and chilled for awhile and did our people watching..LOL

More vendors after we ate, and then we decide it is time to go to Dickson Street in Fayetteville.  Keith is going to lead this group there.  He takes a different exit than we usually do, and Lynn says she was just following the directions on her phone.  I have to say, it was the best directions we have ever had.  All that long line and traffic was totally bypassed.  What a wonderful way to get to the Event Center where there are more vendors set up.
You would think we were pro...but we really are...LOL

Twinkies for all my friends!  
Parking was pretty full, but again we luck out, and we put the 4 bikes in 2 parking spaces.  The place is buzzing, and we make our way across the street, but first we hit the Twinkie booth...Yep, they are giving away Twinkies....Oh my, can this day get any better!!!!

As soon as we got across the street, I was wishing I had brought my hoodie.  Lynn said she was cool as well, so we walked back to the bikes and got our jackets.  I am really glad I did, as the North wind was really howling, and it was just what I needed.

We stop at the Harley Pin Stop and get our pin.  Doreen signs up for HOG...She is officially a member now!!! 

I had to take a picture of this t-shirt because I think it really says it all.  Most of the rally's are so much alike, but the friends, they are priceless.  :)

Looks like we have seen about all we need to see at this location, so we get back to the bikes and head to Dickson Street.  Again, we let Keith lead the way.  Man, he has it down pat....we breeze our way through the college area, and we land in a "free" parking area.  It is one of the churches spots.  Perfect!!!  Thanks to Keith and Lynn!!  :)

The walk is down hill all the way.  Oh, do I dread this on the way back later!  More shopping and more drinking root beer.  You see, while at the other spot, there is a booth, (we did the same thing last year) that you buy a $20 silver mug, and you can come to any of their locations throughout the rally and fill it up free.  Not a bad deal...Last year we bought this late in the day, so wasn't as profitable for us, but hey, it works. 

The food is smelling pretty good by now, and we make our way to an area, and find a place to sit. Everyone branches out and gets their favorite food to eat, and we make another stop at the root beer spot.  I have been filling ours with Cream Soda...It is really tasty, but I have to say, I think I am on a sugar high!!!!  Too much soda  :)

Next on the agenda, we walk some more.  We head uphill this time.  As we get further up the hill on Dickson Street, there is a place for us all to sit, so we do....we do some people watching and bike watching.  Have to say there are some really weird people here.  Girl sitting behind us is drunk, I guess...She is with a guy, and she will cry a little, then scream a little...Oh wow...people~!!!!

Time to move on, and we edge our way up the hill to more vendors.  As we are walking this girl is fighting with her boyfriend, husband or what ever he was.  This cop sees what is going on, and in a blink of an eye, he has the guy strong armed up against the brick wall.  The girl is mouthing and the cop informs her to shut up or she will be going to jail.  Wow!!!  All the years we have gone to this, never have we seen this.  Guess it is just our day...Oh but wait, THE FULL MOON....yep, there is a Full Moon.  Need I say more. 

Stick a fork in all of us, we are done with this place.  We head back down the hill, just to turn to the north, and walk back up that darn hill we came down earlier.  We flatlanders aren't used to these hills.  LOL 

Back at the bikes, we let Keith lead us out, and he says he will get us to the highway, and then wants Chuck to take over.  We do just that, and we all head back to the hotel.  It is time to chill for awhile. 
Back at the hotel, we kinda take over the sitting area, and sit and chat and have a little cocktail or two. 

Enjoyed the day, but we didn't ride very much, so tomorrow we ride. 
Goodnight world. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Thursday)

We are heading out around 2 today to attempt to beat the rain that is supposed to be coming.  We meet Diana & Chris at the usual spot, and head out to meet up with Doreen & Allen.  They are going to be at the gas station off I-35 and 122nd.

We get there earlier than planned, but Doreen & Allen were already there, so we headed out.   The ride was really going well, until we got close to the midway on the turnpike heading towards Tulsa.  The skies are really looking dark, so we stop on the side of the road and Doreen & Allen put their rain suit tops on.  I keep an eye on the weather with my IPhone, and as we get close to the midway, we decide to go ahead and pull over for a little while.  If we continue, we will run straight into the storm.

A guy walks by and ask what direction we are going.  We tell him east, and he says "Oh, it is really raining and cars are pulling off on the side of the highway".  With that being said, I think it was a very wise idea to sit this out for awhile.

The 30 minutes we waited helped the storm to move out.  The roads are still wet and there is a mist in the air, but we didn't get washed away.  As we get into Tulsa, the roads are dry, and the traffic was light.  Made our trip through town quite nice.  Our next stop is a gas stop.  As we fill our bikes, there are some other bikes that drive up and the one guy tells about the terrible rainstorm they got in.

We make it to our hotel around 5, and I contact Lynn & Keith.  They had driven down on Wednesday. We meet up with them and we find a place to meet up with them.  Amazing that it was the County Line Liquor Store..  :)  Like kids in a candy store....oh, yes we were...You see in Arkansas, there are still some dry counties, so you have to be prepared for this.  (wink wink)

On to food....I had seen a BBQ restaurant earlier, and it was fairly close and on our way back to the rooms.  It was a first for us.  Dickie's BBQ.  We were a bit unhappy because they were out of ribs....WHAT, no ribs!!!!  They note in their store, they may be out of some foods later in the day.  Well, I guess we are later!!!  Out of BBQ beans too, but they have jalapeno beans....They will do!

Can't say enough about the food.  It was really good.  We even got some ice cream after we ate.  I really would go back!  Seems they haven't made it to Oklahoma yet, but Chuck says they are all over Texas.  Their big yellow cups were too funny, and so were their napkins.

Time to head back to the hotel.  Lynn & Keith decide to come back to our hotel for a little while.  We are about 10 miles down the road from them.  Nice curvy two lane road for our way back to our "home".  We sit outside and have a few cocktails.  Lynn says she is seeing lightening out to the west of us.  They decide it would be best for them to go ahead and head back to their "home".

She text me that they made it to their room safely, and DRY!!!  Rain didn't hit for about another 30 minutes.

Time to get some shut eye, for tomorrow we Bikes, Blues & BBQ!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

FNDR 9-13-13 On The Border

We are going to have a good group at our usual Friday Night Dinner Ride.  I have 16 confirmed.

You know this is the 13th and it is a we can expect about anything.  Well, my afternoon started when I called to make the reservation.  The manager that I held on the phone for 10 minutes, really acted as if she could have cared less if we come to eat at her restaurant or not.  I was informed that we would probably not be able to sit as a group.  I said a cautious "OK" and hung up.

I called Diana and told her what the manager had told me.  She said that she was going to call and tell them we would like "Keven" as our waiter tonight if he is working.  She breezed through the conversation without a hitch.  The girl said she would have an area set up for us.

I was really happily surprised when we got to "On the Border" and they had a large table set up for us, and 4 of our 16 were already here.  Keven was our waiter as all is well!

Poor Keven...I don't think we are a hard group to deal with, but when the food came, it was totally messed up.  I for one didn't get anything that I had ordered.  Looked like everyone else got theirs right.  It took a while for Keith and Lynn's, as they didn't have food for quite some time.

Keven is really a good waiter, but I think it was the cooks that got things messed up.  I for one have never been on the other end of the restaurant.  I think I would make a terrible waitress...LOL...would probably drop and break everything.

There is actually some weather towards Duncan, so Keith, Lynn, Larry and Carla head on back towards the rains.  I find out later that according to Lynn they only got a few drops on their return trip.

We went to Taco Cabana and had our regular Friday night Margarita.  Doreen, Allen and Brandon came along as well.  We had a nice time making our plans for the next week, as we are heading to Arkansas for Bikes, Blues & BBQ.  We will leave on Thursday afternoon.

Crickets from where the bikes were parked  
The crickets are really bad, and tonight was no exception.  They were flying around and all over the ground.  Diana said there was one in her helmet in the visor part.  Yuck...I hate those things.  They invaded my store last week as well.  The news has had several reports about them as well.  Crickets invade Oklahoma...LOL

So, that is how our Friday the 13th was.  Hope everyone was as safe & lucky as we were.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and a trip to Hot Springs (Monday 2013)

Up at 7 left about 7:30.   We are happy to see cloud cover and even mist. Beautiful morning for a ride.  Hopefully we will beat the heat and get back to Oklahoma City before it gets really unbearable.  Not that I am a weenie or anything, but I just don't do the heat as well as I used to...  :(

We stop in Mena for breakfast. Those Golden Arches are calling my name.  I am so ready for an Iced Caramel Coffee....We sit outside and eat because it is too darn cold in McDonald's.  I think the air conditioning is working quite well there.  Where was this yesterday when we needed it.  The  sun is starting to peak out, and the ride is just about perfect. 

Steve takes second position as we pull out.  I tease him later and tell him he was in a Goldwing Sandwich.  :)  I thought it was kinda funny.  White wings with a bright red Harley in the middle. 

We get out of the pretty part of Arkansas, and we hit a 4 lane road with some trucks on it.  Not just trucks....but Chicken poop trucks.  One of the trucks cover is blowing in the breeze, and yes, you got it right....chicken poop is in the air!!!  Chuck is listening to the CB and he later tells us that the guys in the trucks are laughing that we are behind them.  We back off quite a bit, and then my husband decides he has had enough.  Time to "punch it".  Snow the Goldwing is off and we are passing these guys.  He says the CB is chattering with stuff like " well, it looks like they are going to pass us"....Pass them we did...Thank goodness.  I was never so glad to be wearing a full face helmet with the option to close the front visor!!! 

That really was about the only excitement we had along the way.  We made a final stop, and said our goodbyes to Jennifer & Steve.  They will be the first to leave our group.

 We discussed with Diana & Chris about stopping for lunch, cause I know for sure we have nothing at home to eat.  We stop at Frosted Mug in OKC and have a great lunch. 

As we turn north out of Yukon to towards home, I snap a pic of the Flour Mill, and as you can see the temperature was a nice 87 degrees.  The cold front they had talked about earlier this week really did happen. 

We had a great time and enjoyed the town of Hot Springs.  Will be a place I would like to go back to.  Totally amazed that I had never been there.  Thanks to all who participated in this little weekend get away!!  :)  Mileage...this is a guess (around 750)