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Friday, September 20, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Friday)

Our hotel is full of bikers.  It is really out in the middle of nowhere, but at least you can be to the highway in 10 miles.  Not bad, and very quiet....except for those damn bikers!!!  Not really, because we woke up to rain.....It had rained off and on most of the night.

We eat our breakfast, and sit....and sit some more....Then around 11 it is time to get moving.  The rain has finally stopped, but there is still a mist in the air, but we are going for it.  We clean off the bikes and head out to meet up with Lynn & Keith at Pig Trails HD.  Everyone had the same idea about the weather, and it was a little busy there, but they had the parking under control.  Doreen rode with Allen today, and as we pulled in, we got split up.  Allen parked in one area, and Chuck & Chris were directed to a covered parking area....LOL....(guess we get VIP treatment).  The clouds still look threatening, but the rain stays away.  We do get a little mist, but not bad at all!!!

This guy is no "slacker"...Always working! 

Lots of vendors at Pig Trails, and we check them all out.  Amazing the vendors that are there every year are at the same spot.  Chuck was still conducting business when we got there, so everyone just went ahead and milled around.  I don't think anyone understands his message on his phone...What does " I am on Vacation" mean?

I always say these rally's remind me of the Fair!
And speaking of the fair....Chuck & I have a corn dog...and very big corn dog.  They had an area set up for you to sit and eat, so we all got our favorite foods, and chilled for awhile and did our people watching..LOL

More vendors after we ate, and then we decide it is time to go to Dickson Street in Fayetteville.  Keith is going to lead this group there.  He takes a different exit than we usually do, and Lynn says she was just following the directions on her phone.  I have to say, it was the best directions we have ever had.  All that long line and traffic was totally bypassed.  What a wonderful way to get to the Event Center where there are more vendors set up.
You would think we were pro...but we really are...LOL

Twinkies for all my friends!  
Parking was pretty full, but again we luck out, and we put the 4 bikes in 2 parking spaces.  The place is buzzing, and we make our way across the street, but first we hit the Twinkie booth...Yep, they are giving away Twinkies....Oh my, can this day get any better!!!!

As soon as we got across the street, I was wishing I had brought my hoodie.  Lynn said she was cool as well, so we walked back to the bikes and got our jackets.  I am really glad I did, as the North wind was really howling, and it was just what I needed.

We stop at the Harley Pin Stop and get our pin.  Doreen signs up for HOG...She is officially a member now!!! 

I had to take a picture of this t-shirt because I think it really says it all.  Most of the rally's are so much alike, but the friends, they are priceless.  :)

Looks like we have seen about all we need to see at this location, so we get back to the bikes and head to Dickson Street.  Again, we let Keith lead the way.  Man, he has it down pat....we breeze our way through the college area, and we land in a "free" parking area.  It is one of the churches spots.  Perfect!!!  Thanks to Keith and Lynn!!  :)

The walk is down hill all the way.  Oh, do I dread this on the way back later!  More shopping and more drinking root beer.  You see, while at the other spot, there is a booth, (we did the same thing last year) that you buy a $20 silver mug, and you can come to any of their locations throughout the rally and fill it up free.  Not a bad deal...Last year we bought this late in the day, so wasn't as profitable for us, but hey, it works. 

The food is smelling pretty good by now, and we make our way to an area, and find a place to sit. Everyone branches out and gets their favorite food to eat, and we make another stop at the root beer spot.  I have been filling ours with Cream Soda...It is really tasty, but I have to say, I think I am on a sugar high!!!!  Too much soda  :)

Next on the agenda, we walk some more.  We head uphill this time.  As we get further up the hill on Dickson Street, there is a place for us all to sit, so we do....we do some people watching and bike watching.  Have to say there are some really weird people here.  Girl sitting behind us is drunk, I guess...She is with a guy, and she will cry a little, then scream a little...Oh wow...people~!!!!

Time to move on, and we edge our way up the hill to more vendors.  As we are walking this girl is fighting with her boyfriend, husband or what ever he was.  This cop sees what is going on, and in a blink of an eye, he has the guy strong armed up against the brick wall.  The girl is mouthing and the cop informs her to shut up or she will be going to jail.  Wow!!!  All the years we have gone to this, never have we seen this.  Guess it is just our day...Oh but wait, THE FULL MOON....yep, there is a Full Moon.  Need I say more. 

Stick a fork in all of us, we are done with this place.  We head back down the hill, just to turn to the north, and walk back up that darn hill we came down earlier.  We flatlanders aren't used to these hills.  LOL 

Back at the bikes, we let Keith lead us out, and he says he will get us to the highway, and then wants Chuck to take over.  We do just that, and we all head back to the hotel.  It is time to chill for awhile. 
Back at the hotel, we kinda take over the sitting area, and sit and chat and have a little cocktail or two. 

Enjoyed the day, but we didn't ride very much, so tomorrow we ride. 
Goodnight world.