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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Sunday)

Today we head back west towards home.  It is not a long ride, only about 5 hours.  We have beautiful cool weather to start out this morning.  Lynn & Keith make it to the hotel at 9ish, and we get on the bikes and head out. 

The back roads we traveled to the hotel are the same ones we take today.  It sure does cut out a lot of traffic.  As we get to Siloam Springs, we pull in for gas, and remove a layer of clothes.  It is starting to warm up nicely.

We really have an uneventful ride back.  We stop in Stroud and have lunch at The Rock Restaurant.  I thought it might be really busy, but guess we beat the crowd. 

Our waitress had the cutest accent.  I have to think it was German, dutch, or something like that.  She was really sweet, and got our order in for us.  They came out pretty quick as well.  Most of us got the usual stuff, burgers....but not Lynn...Nope, she has to try something different.  She ordered the Jagerschnitzel & Speitzle....She said it was yummy....Our burgers, and buffalo burgers were good as well. 

I guess this is our last stop before we get back into Oklahoma City, so we give all our friends a big hug, and tell them how much we enjoyed the weekend.  We are so blessed to have such great friends.  I say that all the time, but it really is true.

I later get text from everyone that they are home safe and sound.  Another ride for the book.  We logged 800 and something miles.  Not sure about the something, but you get the idea. 

Thinking we will attempt to get the same hotel for next year.  Lynn & Keith will hopefully be able to join us there as well.