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Friday, September 13, 2013

FNDR 9-13-13 On The Border

We are going to have a good group at our usual Friday Night Dinner Ride.  I have 16 confirmed.

You know this is the 13th and it is a we can expect about anything.  Well, my afternoon started when I called to make the reservation.  The manager that I held on the phone for 10 minutes, really acted as if she could have cared less if we come to eat at her restaurant or not.  I was informed that we would probably not be able to sit as a group.  I said a cautious "OK" and hung up.

I called Diana and told her what the manager had told me.  She said that she was going to call and tell them we would like "Keven" as our waiter tonight if he is working.  She breezed through the conversation without a hitch.  The girl said she would have an area set up for us.

I was really happily surprised when we got to "On the Border" and they had a large table set up for us, and 4 of our 16 were already here.  Keven was our waiter as all is well!

Poor Keven...I don't think we are a hard group to deal with, but when the food came, it was totally messed up.  I for one didn't get anything that I had ordered.  Looked like everyone else got theirs right.  It took a while for Keith and Lynn's, as they didn't have food for quite some time.

Keven is really a good waiter, but I think it was the cooks that got things messed up.  I for one have never been on the other end of the restaurant.  I think I would make a terrible waitress...LOL...would probably drop and break everything.

There is actually some weather towards Duncan, so Keith, Lynn, Larry and Carla head on back towards the rains.  I find out later that according to Lynn they only got a few drops on their return trip.

We went to Taco Cabana and had our regular Friday night Margarita.  Doreen, Allen and Brandon came along as well.  We had a nice time making our plans for the next week, as we are heading to Arkansas for Bikes, Blues & BBQ.  We will leave on Thursday afternoon.

Crickets from where the bikes were parked  
The crickets are really bad, and tonight was no exception.  They were flying around and all over the ground.  Diana said there was one in her helmet in the visor part.  Yuck...I hate those things.  They invaded my store last week as well.  The news has had several reports about them as well.  Crickets invade Oklahoma...LOL

So, that is how our Friday the 13th was.  Hope everyone was as safe & lucky as we were.