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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and a trip to Hot Springs (Monday 2013)

Up at 7 left about 7:30.   We are happy to see cloud cover and even mist. Beautiful morning for a ride.  Hopefully we will beat the heat and get back to Oklahoma City before it gets really unbearable.  Not that I am a weenie or anything, but I just don't do the heat as well as I used to...  :(

We stop in Mena for breakfast. Those Golden Arches are calling my name.  I am so ready for an Iced Caramel Coffee....We sit outside and eat because it is too darn cold in McDonald's.  I think the air conditioning is working quite well there.  Where was this yesterday when we needed it.  The  sun is starting to peak out, and the ride is just about perfect. 

Steve takes second position as we pull out.  I tease him later and tell him he was in a Goldwing Sandwich.  :)  I thought it was kinda funny.  White wings with a bright red Harley in the middle. 

We get out of the pretty part of Arkansas, and we hit a 4 lane road with some trucks on it.  Not just trucks....but Chicken poop trucks.  One of the trucks cover is blowing in the breeze, and yes, you got it right....chicken poop is in the air!!!  Chuck is listening to the CB and he later tells us that the guys in the trucks are laughing that we are behind them.  We back off quite a bit, and then my husband decides he has had enough.  Time to "punch it".  Snow the Goldwing is off and we are passing these guys.  He says the CB is chattering with stuff like " well, it looks like they are going to pass us"....Pass them we did...Thank goodness.  I was never so glad to be wearing a full face helmet with the option to close the front visor!!! 

That really was about the only excitement we had along the way.  We made a final stop, and said our goodbyes to Jennifer & Steve.  They will be the first to leave our group.

 We discussed with Diana & Chris about stopping for lunch, cause I know for sure we have nothing at home to eat.  We stop at Frosted Mug in OKC and have a great lunch. 

As we turn north out of Yukon to towards home, I snap a pic of the Flour Mill, and as you can see the temperature was a nice 87 degrees.  The cold front they had talked about earlier this week really did happen. 

We had a great time and enjoyed the town of Hot Springs.  Will be a place I would like to go back to.  Totally amazed that I had never been there.  Thanks to all who participated in this little weekend get away!!  :)  Mileage...this is a guess (around 750)